I'll Always Remember

Gracie Hallows. A 17 years old girl living her life the best she could until Niall Horan changed it all. 2 years ago, she discovered that she was afflicted to a terminal Leukemia. She stopped responding to her treatments which caused her to face death. Niall Horan, for vandalizing the school property has to attend the drama class. Through rough, deep and funny ways they have gone through, they both have to make every time last. (For the M Factor)


1. Gracie Hallows

Hello guys! My name is Gracie Hallows.

I am 17 years old and 2 years ago I discovered that I was afflicted to a terminal Leukemia.

Well, I stopped responding to treatments so now, I don't know when I would pass away.

I wouldn't reach the next Christmas. 

But then, in this year, I would. I think?

So, I live with my father, Bobby Hallows and my brother, Nathan Hallows.

I love drama class. I just like to act.

Otherwise, I think i'm wasting your time, so..

Bye guys! (:

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