me,you and the world

anna and her sister has just moved from australia to england and meets one direction niall falls for anna but will they last against the worlds will....


5. chapter 4

A/N I hope you guys like this chapter and sorry havent updated in a while xx

Me and bree walk around the mall for a while just window shopping something any girl would do with know money.

"i think we should go back to the hotel its gettting a bit late"bree said

"okay i suppose" i sighed not really wanting to go.

when we were driving to the hotel kiss you came on and we fan girled turned up loud and drove screaming to the lyrics. We were pulling up to the hotel when we saw camera flashes, teenage girls and tape recorders.We were wondering what the fuss was about so we went to investigate... When we got to the hotel doors it was blocked by two buff bodyguard i was a bit nervous but the shopping bags for dinner were getting abit heavy so i went up to them

"uhmm hi we live here at the moment can we get through"i said trying to sound confident

"we have heard that one before little girl, now go scream for them over there"he said and pointed towards the crowd of girls.who the hell is them and im no little girl i thought stating to get a bit fustrated.

Bree saw the fustration in my eyes so she stepped in.

"we really do live here and who the hell is them?"she questioned with a serious tone.

"you know who dont act like you dont know"the other body guard said all sassy

i asked one of the girls in the crowd who was here and she told me one direction i got excited but tried to keep it down so i didnt look like a crazy obsessded fan that want to cut off the hair while there sleeping.I saw niall in the loby so i ran to the window and bashed on it. He looked over at me and recongised me and waved i mouthed help and pointed at the guards and he nodded.

Niall opend the door and pushed the body guard away and the fans starting screaming ear peircing screams. he pointed to me and bree and grabbed our arms quickly pulling us in the hotel.

"well nice to see you again love, but why are use hear?"he said in his to die for irish accent

"me and bree are staying here"

"oh cool what floor"

"uhm i think floor 7, right bree?i said snapping her out of her trance

"yea,whatever"bree said going back to her thinking probably about harry

"sorry about her she has been dreaming to come here scince ahe was in grade 6 and now we are here she is just a bit shocked"i said giving him a little smirk just thinking of how beautiful it is here.

"Its alright what room are you in?"he said as i pulled bree to walk with us to the elevator

"13E"i said looking at my feet

"aww yay uses are across from us we are 20E"He said smileing with he perfect pearly whites.

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A/N hope you guys liked it coment  what you thought or any tips thanks xx ill try to update tommorrow or the day after :}


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