me,you and the world

anna and her sister has just moved from australia to england and meets one direction niall falls for anna but will they last against the worlds will....


4. chapter 3

 I look up to see big blue eyes staring straight towards me.
"Uhm hi, I was just wondering where you know where the nearest Nando's is?" He asks.
I can't even talk, what's wrong with me.
"Cause you look like the girl to know where everything is!" He says smiling at me.
"Uhm yeah it's just straight down the middle of the mall and the. You turn left and about two stores down its there." I smile getting up and pointing the way.
"Thank you! What's your name love?"
"Anna" I say smiling up at him.
"We'll Anna, thanks or showing me the way!" He smiles and shakes my hand.
"No problem Niall Horan!" I say laughing and shaking his hand back.
He chuckles.
He turns around and walks the way I pointed to him.
I sit back down in the booth.
"What just happened!?" Bree whispered.
"I don't know" I sit in shock.
We then both start laughing for no reason.


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