me,you and the world

anna and her sister has just moved from australia to england and meets one direction niall falls for anna but will they last against the worlds will....


2. chapter 1

  Bree's P.O.V

i looked at my sparkly watch as i tapped my foort underneath the food court table and anna still wasnt here.We just moved from australia to england cause Australia was starting to get boring so we needed a change."Finally" i murmered as i saw anna walking quickly towards me."An idiot hit the front of my car as theyt reversed into the parking space"she expressed her anger by hitting the table with her hand and saying"get me food"we both giigled and i got up and walked to macaas A.K.A macdonalds.i checked my phone to see a twitter sign so i unlocked my phone and look under the sign and it said 'harry styles is now following you' i fan girled in my head just imagineing what he thinks about me.

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