Falling For Harry Styles

Hi I'm Bree. My parents died a few years ago in a car crash so my sister has taken custody over me. Im literally a nobody at school. But somehow end up being with the most amazing boy at school.


5. What happens next?


The lunch bell rings and everyone runs to the cafeteria like monkeys in a zoo. Me and Emily casually walk to our normal lunch seat and wait for Trinity. Trinity recently got a new boyfriend, Luke and is late ALL the time. He's quite attractive, brown scruffy hair, warm brown eyes and 2 lip peircings on the left side of his mouth. We sat chatting like normal and talking about how ridiculous people can be when its lunch time. Trinity finally came over to the table with Luke attatched to her arm.

" Hey guys!" Trinity smiles sitting down beside us.

" Uh, who are you? I cant quite put my finger on it!" Emily replies, joking ofcourse.

I giggle at my friends humour.

"Shut up!" Trinity says while laughing.

Luke sits down next Trinity after talking with one of his mates.

"Hi girls!" He smiles and waves at both me and Emily.

"Hello Luke!" I say after taking my lunch out of my bag.

"Hey, how was class?" Emily asked him.

I looked to the side and found Harry smiling at me from across the room. I blush slightly but smile back.

Emily leans towards me and nudges my arm.

"So now you and Harry are gonna have moments at lunch time?" She asks teasingly.

I shrug.

"I don't know, maybe" I smile to myself.

"Oh god! You're falling for Harry Styles!" She whisper yells, so that no one hears.

I just smile and roll my eyes.

Lunch finishes and I walk by myself to my next class. Music. Which happens to be with Harry.

I slowly stroll into the classroom. My teacher, Mr Quinn is really chilled out and just loves music. He's the only teacher who's ever given me an A. As I walk through the doors, I'm greeted by Mr Quinn and make my way to the piano. Playing the piano is a part of my mother, she always played the piano to me and my sister when I was little. I slide my fingers over the keys, close my eyes and take a deep breath in. I begin to play a song that I've recently made up. I smile to myself as I play. I play for a good 40 minutes. I stop playing and flutter my eyes open. I stare down at the keys.

"That was beautiful" I slightly jump when a deep voice comes from behind me.

As I turn around Harry is stood 2 metres away. He's smiling and his gorgeous green eyes are sparkling.

"Holy shit Harry! You could give someone a heartattack!" I say half joking, half serious.

"Sorry love, I didn't mean to sneak up on you" He chuckles.

"It's alright" I smile.

He walks over and sits down next to me. I shuffle over so he can fit on the chair with me.

"Play again?" He asks with huge grin.

"Uh, maybe another time" I say nervously.

"Pleeeease? For me?" He asks again.

"Uhm I-" I start to say but im thankfully stopped by the bell.

"Saved by the bell" Harry smiles.

I laugh, grab my bag and stand up from the seat.

"Maybe next time Styles" I smile.

He gets up from the seat and follows me out the door. As we walk through the corridors everyone is staring at me, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I look over my shoulder to see Harry grinning at me, I fake a smile back and quickly turn around. Harry catches up and walks beside me. The amount of stares I'm getting is making me feel nervous and insecure. Harry notices and slides his fingers between mine, connecting our hands. I look up at him as I squeeze his hand, he looks down at me and gives me a reassuring smile. I look away, making our way through the crowds. I let go of Harry's hand when we reach my friends.

"Hey guys uh Harry's taking me home, I was meant to tell you at lunch but it seemed to leave my mind" I smile and hug my friends.

"Oh we see what's happening here!" Trinity says teasingly.

I roll my eyes and smile. I hear Harry chuckling behind me.

"I will text you later!" I reply.

Trinity and Emily giggle but soon nod.

I wave good bye and walk to Harry's car.

The drive home was quiet but there were glances shared. As we reach my driveway and the car stops, I half open my door and look over to Harry.

"Thanks for giving me a lift, I really appreciate" I smile.

He half smiles.

"Let's just say I'm your knight in shining armour" He grins at me staring into my eyes.

I laugh at this comment.

"Thanks again" I smile and he smiles back.

I'm about to get up when I make a snap decision and sit straight back down.

He frowns in confusion.

"Do you want to come inside?" I ask, nervously biting my lip.

"Of course" He smiles at me with soft eyes.

I smile and get out of the car. I wait for Harry to turn the car off and get out before walking down the path that meets to my door.



sorry for the late update, anyways hope you like the chapter! :)


~Bree xx



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