Falling For Harry Styles

Hi I'm Bree. My parents died a few years ago in a car crash so my sister has taken custody over me. Im literally a nobody at school. But somehow end up being with the most amazing boy at school.


2. "We Should Hang Out Sometime"

The next day at school we were in the cafeteria casually eating our lunch when Rebecca walked over to our table.She had her shoulder lengthened hair straightened. She had a pink sparkly dress that hugged her body.
"How's your eye?" She said looking over at Trinity and tarted laughing with her little minions.
She looks down to her lap, embarrassed.
That really pissed me off, how dare she make one of my bestfriends feel low.
"You think you could get me in trouble, if you didnt notice, I own this school" She continued, turning serious.

It was silent for about 3 seconds then I stood up.
"Why do you have to be so horrible to everyone? No wonder you have no friends apart from the two dolls behind you, actually I bet they don't even like you, they're just scared to say it to you. Stop being a prissy, rich daddy's girl and learn about the word RESPECT!" I yelled at her.
I was SO over her being so rude and immature. I sit back down, I feel the eyes of everyone staring.
"Hmph!" Rebecca said and turned with her dolls following behind.
I feel Trinity's and Emily's eyes on me so I looked up.
"That felt so good!" I say grinning.
"You go girl!" Trinity laughed and held up her hand for a high five.
I high fived her laughing.

I look in the corner of my eye and see the popular boys walking over towards us. My heart skipped a beat as I saw Harry stop and stare at our table. I looked at Trinity and Emily with a what the hell are they doing near us face.
Harry started to speak.
"Hey, that was really cool what you did just then." He said looking at me, smiling with his emerald eyes shining.
I was so nervous. The only thing that came out of my mouth was "Yeah" that's it, that's all I could say.
Harry put his hands in the pockets of his jeans.
"Yeah, we should hang out sometime" He said while shaking his curly brown locks.
I try to act calm, I took a deep breath and stood up.
"Maybe!" I shrugged my shoulders and started to walk away. Trinity and Emily followed. I didn't see the look on Harry's face, I just quickly walked away.

We walked far enough away from them so they couldn't hear us.
I turned to Trinity and Emily grabbing their arms.
"Was that real!?" I said closing my eyes, squeezing their arms tighter.
"Yes!" They both yelled.
I let go of their arms because I saw the pain on their faces from me squeezing.
I unlocked my locker, smiling like an idiot.
"Come on, it's time for maths Bree!" Trinity said snapping her fingers in my face.
I grabbed my maths book out of my locker and the dust that was gathering on top and went to class.

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