Falling For Harry Styles

Hi I'm Bree. My parents died a few years ago in a car crash so my sister has taken custody over me. Im literally a nobody at school. But somehow end up being with the most amazing boy at school.


4. The Car Ride

I stayed up all night thinking about Harry. The way he grabbed my hand, the way he said "Definitely". Before I knew it my alarm was beeping loudly in my ear. I turn over and press the button to turn it off. I sigh and get up off my bed. i open my curtain to expect the sun to blind me but instead was suprised with dark miserable raindrops falling down my window.

"Great" I huffed to myself.

My sister is a cheerleading coach so she leaves early in the morning to get to her job on time so that leaves me to get to school on my own. Its raining, so now I have to walk in the rain. I get my uniform from the ground, the same place as yesterday. I quickly change into it, grabbing my jumper on the way down the stairs. I grab a bowl from the silver dishwasher. I stand on my tip toes to reach the cornflakes. I pour some cornflakes in the bottom of the white ceramic bowl. Adding milk and sugar, I walk over to the wooden rectangle table. I grab my silver spoon, dipping it into the crunchy cornflakes. I sigh as I take in the mouthful of cornflakes sliding down my throat. I look over at the time as I finish my cornflakes. As much as I don't want to go to school, I want to have an education so I guess i have to suck it up. I grab my bag off of the bench, shoving my lunch into it. I swing my bag over one shoulder as I turn to lock the door. I stand to put up my umbrella. As I put up the unbrella, it literally falls apart in my hands. There are connectives and silver bits everywhere. I curse underneath my breath.

I put my jumper on and start my long wet walk to school. I reach about 10 metres from my house when a familiar black car drives up next to the pathway. I turn frowning but my frown soon desappares as Harry's face is shown as he winds down the window. I smile.

"Bree, why are you walking in the rain!?" He yells over the rain.

I was about to speak but he interrupted me.

"Don't worry, get in the car love before you catch a cold" He opens the car door from the inside.

I jump in putting my bag to the ground. I was shivering a little until he put the heater on. The warm heat spreading around the care, making me feel safe.

Harry turns to me frowning.

"So why were you walking in the rain, love?" He asks, butterflies exploding in my stomach as he calls me love.

"M-My sister leaves early for cheerleading and then my umbrella broke and now my feet are cold" I stutter and pout.

Harry chuckles.

"Your umbrella broke?" He asks trying to sound sincere but I knew he was holding back laughter.

"Don't laugh at me Harry, its not funny!" I pout, slapping his arm.

"I'm sorry love" He says rubbing my back, soothingly.

"You're forgiven, this time Styles" I say shifting in my seat.

He smiles and takes his hand off my back. It was quiet for the rest of the car ride. As we reached the school my stomach felt like it was turning and twisting everywhere. Harry parked and got out. He quickly ran over to my side of the car and opened the door. I smiled at him as I got out. We ran to cover. We stopped and he stared at me.

"I will drive you home after school, if you want?" He smiles and digs his hands into his jeans.

"Sure, if its still raining that is!" I smile back up at him.

"Bree, we live in England, its not gonna stop anytime soon" He smiles, flashing his dimples.

I giggle.

"Right" I smile.

An awkward silence grows as we just stand there. Suddenly I hear my name behind me. I turn around, its Emily. She really is my saviour. She gestures me to go with her as the bell rings. I turn back to Harry.

"Okay, well I'd better go. See you later!" I smile.

"Can't wait!" Harry smiles.

I giggle, hiding my face as I slightly blush. I run over to Emily and give her a big hug.

"Bree. I. Can't. Breathe." she struggles to say as I hug her.

I let go. She catches her breath again and smiles.

"Tell me everything" She says as we walk to our first class.



Heey everyone,

Omg, im so sorry for not updating. my lifes been abit up and down.

Heres a big chapter to thankyou for being so understandable.

~Bree xx


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