Falling For Harry Styles

Hi I'm Bree. My parents died a few years ago in a car crash so my sister has taken custody over me. Im literally a nobody at school. But somehow end up being with the most amazing boy at school.


3. One Letterbox, One Smile

I got home and walked through the door, dumping my bag and jumper on the bench. I sit on the couch, turn on some TV and relax.
"Breeeee!" My sister yells from her bedroom.
"Yes Amy!" I yelled back.
"Come up here!"
Ugh. I got up and walked into her room.
A few years ago my parents died in a car crash, so my older sister took over of being my guardian.
"Yes!" I said as I stood at the doorway.
"Don't forget about Mum and Dad's anniversary next week, we are going out to the beach and throwing wreaths" She explained.
"It's a pretty hard thing to forget." I said.
It was silent for a bit.
I started to walk away when Amy stopped me.
"Oh can you check the letterbox, I'm expecting a package." She says while clicking away with the mouse.
"What are you expecting?" I asked out of curiosity.
"Something" she sounded very suspicious.
"Alright!" I said turning around and walking down the stairs.

I walked outside and walked up the driveway to the letterbox. As I got to the letterbox, I saw Harry drive into his driveway across the street. He got out of his car and shook those gorgeous curls. He looks over at me, I quickly look back down and search through the mail. I look up. Oh my gosh he's waking over. I look back down. Why is he walking over towards me. In the corner of my eye I see him step up onto the grass.
"Hey, what you doing?" He looks at me.
I still have no idea why he's talking to me, I'm a nobody.
"Hi, nothin, just getting the mail. What about you?" I say.
I can feel my hands shaking.
"Just got back from football practice" he says smiling.
Oh and did I mention he's captain of the football team. HE'S CAPTAIN!
I close the letterbox.
"Nice. Well I have to go, talk to you later!" I say.
I started to walk away and then he grabs my hand.
"Definitely!" He says still holding my hand.
I smile and blush, he lets go of my hand. I walk down the driveway, I can feel my cheeks going redder. I walk inside to find Amy staring at me.
"What!?" I say walking over and sitting on the stool near the bench.
"Who was that?" She says, nudging me with her elbow.
"No one, just a guy at school" I lie.
I walk over to the fridge and grab an apple.
"Is he your boooooyyfrieeennd?" She says pulling on my sleeve.
"If only" I whisper under my breath.
"What?" Amy says.
"Nothing, I'm going to my room" I say quickly, walking up the stairs.
"Okaay. Dinner will be ready soon" She yelled after me.

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