Falling For Harry Styles

Hi I'm Bree. My parents died a few years ago in a car crash so my sister has taken custody over me. Im literally a nobody at school. But somehow end up being with the most amazing boy at school.


1. The Start

I wake up with the sun's rays in my eyes, I roll over to turn off my alarm which was making a loud piercing noise. I get up and stumble on the floor and stare up to the ceiling. About ten minutes later, I finally decide to get up. I make my way slowly down the stairs to the kitchen. I reach into the cupboard and try to find some Aspren. I get up on my toes. "Shit, we have no Aspren" I think to myself. My phone starts vibrating on the bench. I walk over and pick it up off the cold black marble. It was one of my bestfriends, Emily. Emily was truly beautiful, she had long red hair with little freckles on her cheeks and her eyes as blue as the sea.
"Hey!" Emily says loudly causing me to flinch and pull the phone away from my ear.
"Can you be a little quieter please" I say pressing the phone back to my ear.
"You have a hangover!" She laughs.
"Yeah, I went to Trinity's last night" I say lifting my self up onto the bench.
"Well I'm glad I had work last night or I would be just like you right now" She says rubbing it in my face.
"I'm regretting it now, we have no Aspren!" I whine to her.
"I will give you some at school!" She says laughing.
"Oh shit, I forgot we had school" I say running up the stairs.
"I will talk to you at school" I continue.
"Okay, bye!" Emily hangs up.

I quickly get dressed and run down stairs, I grab some money for lunch and walk to school. I get a text from Emily just as I walk through the gates saying that she's at the office. I walk to the office, my heart starts beating fast as I walk through the doors. I had a really bad feeling about this. As I walk into the office I see Emily sitting on one of the chairs.
"Hey, what's happening?" I say as I walk over to sit down next to her.
"You know Rebecca" She turns to me.
"Yeah" I nod.
Rebecca is the mean girl at school. She constantly targets people who aren't like her. In my mind she's just a rich slut but to everyone else she's the "Queen".
"Well she pushed us into the lockers and one of the locks hit Trinity on the eye!" Emily tells me.
I stood up.
"Oh my gosh! Is she alright!"
"I think she's gonna have a black eye"

We sat there for a good 10 minutes and then someone turned the door handle. I looked up, it was the hottest boy in school, Harry Styles. He was frowning, he looked disappointed. He looked over at me and smiled slightly. He gave me an "I'm sorry" look but I frowned, wondering why he gave me that look, it wasn't his fault.
Trinity walked out soon after with a ice pack over her eye.
She walked over to us.
"The bitch got away with it" She said as we walked away.
"Oh my gosh, why!?" I said a little loud.
"She said it was an accident and they all believed her!" Asiah had a very pissed of look on her face. 

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