One Direction Preferences

So tell me your name, the guy from 1D, ed sheeran or Josh any one!n hair and eye colour and any other details you want :)


7. Mariah, Harry and Niall

Mariah's POV

"Harry! Your with Taylor and I'm with Niall!" I scream as I pull out of the kiss. It was so wrong but it was so right.
"I never wanted Taylor only you Mariah always you,"
"But Niall..."
"If Niall really loved you he would be here right now where I am,"
"He will be here he promised," I whisper
"Look around do you see Niall? Did he come support you on your night?"
"Where is he Harry?" I ask
"I don't know,"
"Harry I love you,"
"I love you too,"
"But I love Niall and I love one direction... If I dumped Niall for you then I would split the band up," I sob
"Mariah...the fans,one direction, every one will understand,"
"How?" I ask
"Because Nialls in love with another girl,"
"No he isnt he told me he loved me!"
"And did you tell him you love him?"
"Yes because I do!"
"Mariah I love you so much please please forget Niall,"
"I can't,"
I'm breaking up with you
I collapse in a heap crying.
I wake up to Nialls face
"you okay babe?"
"Yeah I'm fine,"
" it's ok it was just a dream,"
"right... I love you,"
"Love you too,"
AN: hi okay I didn't know how else to put them both into one chapter so yeah I hope you like it :)
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