One Direction Preferences

So tell me your name, the guy from 1D, ed sheeran or Josh any one!n hair and eye colour and any other details you want :)


2. Jillian and Niall

Jillian and Niall

Jillian's POV

He holds my hand as we stroll down the beach. This is really nice, i haven't had alot of alone time with Niall since the worldwide tour. I really missed him, he's like my other side. This weekend get away is going to be amazing, I can tell. The sun sets as we reach his bach. 

"You know Jillian we've been seeing each other for a while now..."


"Well Jillian i was just wondering if you would..." he says getting onto one knee. I become nervous in such a bittersweet way i mean i love and i want to marry him but im only 19!  "Will you share Nandoes with me?"

"OF COURSE!" i laugh at my foolishness

"Oh shoot it's about to rain," He sighs

"I love rain," i protest dragging him out onto the beach again we start to kiss. He was very gentle and caring about me like i was some china doll that could break any second. I parted from his lips as dark clouds formed. I began to dance crazily.

"Jill what are you doing you crazy girl?"

"Im rain dancing," I shout as the rain began to fall wetting my brown hair

"Your eyes look really beautiful," he blushes as he rain dances with me

"Thanks blue eyes," 

"Welcome brown eyes... I love you,"

"Not as much as me," I smile.

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