One Direction Preferences

So tell me your name, the guy from 1D, ed sheeran or Josh any one!n hair and eye colour and any other details you want :)


11. Ella and Niall

Nialls POV

Don't get me wrong I love fans but they are all the same, They are all unique... But not the kind of unique I'm waiting for. Suddenly I see the most beautiful girl gently handing me her cd for me to sign.
"Hi," she smiles shyly her pink lips parted to show her straight teeth.
"hi..." I stutter as she starts to blush she hid behind her deep red hair. "Dont hid because your blushing I think it's cute,"
"Really?" she asks hopefully looking at me straight in the eye with her haunting brown eyes
"Of course!"
"Excuse me but I need to ask you to hurry it up mr. Horan," a bodyguard informs me
I quickly sign my name and number
"What's your name love?"
"that's a beautiful name,"
"thank you nice meeting you,"
"Not as nice as meeting,"

Ellas POV

He's gorgeous... His hair, his eyes... He's the first guy who's ever called me cute. That was defiantly worth it. I look at my signed cd and trace my finger around their names until I came across Nialls

Hey babe
I forgot to mention something. I know this may sound crazy but when I saw your face I fell in love crazy right? Well here's my number...text me maybe (if you have a phone if you don't then call me from your home phone...if you don't have one of those then I'll cry)
Love Nialler xoxo

HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER! What should I text him...
I quickly text hi and send it

I get a text back almost instantly
"hi :)"
Aww gosh I love this boy
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