One Direction Preferences

So tell me your name, the guy from 1D, ed sheeran or Josh any one!n hair and eye colour and any other details you want :)


17. Ana and Harry

Ana's POV

I chuck our pot at his head, he ducks. 

"That's what I think of us, we're broken into little pieces and guess what Harry it wasn't me who broke us," I scream as tears roll down my face

"Babe...are you okay?" he asks

"What kind of question is that Harry?" I shout

"I was trying to be nice!" He argues his voice louder then it normally is

"Like you were trying to be to that girl... you know that girl with the blonde hair who i saw you making out with," I fire back. His face  goes pale.

"Ana..." He whispers 

"Just go... I hope your happy with Taylor," I cry marching upstairs grabbing all his belongings and shoving them into a plastic bag.

"There you go..." I shout forcing it into his hand

"Ana...please," He begs clearly confused as i point to the door

"Oh yeah remember that plate we bought a week ago," I say 

"Yes," He nods as I grab it off the kitchen table and smash it against the floor

"Goodbye Harry,"

*A month later*

I turn the radio up as I dance to my favourite song oath.

"That was Oath by Cher Lloyd, in other news Harry Styles has broken up with pop sensation Taylor Swift,"

I switch off the radio... i can't be bothered to listen to him.


"Ana...I love you...Taylor was a mistake,"

"No she wasn't she was my reality in my teenage dream,"

"Do you know why I fought with her because she thought I was still in love with you... and i was...I still am...forever,"

"You mean that?" I say looking into his emerald eyes

"Please...please let me into your life again,"

"I'm gonna make you work to earn my trust," I warn him with my arms crossed secretly jubilant that he's back. 

I spent the first week crying, the second trying to glue the plate back together, the next being angry and listen then the fourth I was keeping myself busy trying not to think about him but i definitely had hole in my heart where his love should be.

"Deal," he grins pulling me into a kiss... the sparks electrified me. I felt bombs explode inside of me.

"I love you Harry styles but for god's sake don't break me,"

"I won't i promise," he smiles wrapping his arms around me



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