One Direction Preferences

So tell me your name, the guy from 1D, ed sheeran or Josh any one!n hair and eye colour and any other details you want :)


19. Amanda and Zayn

Zayn's POV

"Mean girls...AGAIN?" I complain

"What? It's a good movie," She smiles

"Yes the first few times by the millionth it should be boring,"

"Nope...." she smiles sitting on my lap

"Fine but then we can watch transformers!"

"Why so you can fangirl over Megan Fox?"

"Yes...come on she's Megan Fox,"

"Well then I better leave you to fan girl and I will go and find another boyfriend to watgch mean girls," she crinkles her nose as she teases me

"No baby I'm sorry...forgive me," I fake beg wrapping my arms around her

"Fine but we have to watch mean girls 1 AND 2,"


We snuggle up under an blanket together as she quotes all the lines in mean girls 1 & 2

By the end of the movie she's fast asleep. I watch her sleep...creepy I know but she looks so peaceful, her eyes shut and her breathing slowly in and out.  

"Zayn...are you watching me sleep," she asks


"Lier...what's the time?"

"1 o' clock,"



"I gotta go home," she says

"You can stay here love,"



"Really do love you,"

"I love you too,"

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