One Direction Preferences

So tell me your name, the guy from 1D, ed sheeran or Josh any one!n hair and eye colour and any other details you want :)


6. Aerwyna and Niall

Aerwyna's POV

I snuggled up to Niall nine years has gone so quickly, our first kiss, first date it all seemed like yesterday. We were so different but so alike. We loved to eat, together we could eat America's food supplies.
"Pass the popcorn babe," he whispered in my ear
"No, my popcorn," I protest
"NOOOOOO!" I scream as he pounces on me and wrestles me to the ground.
"Now can I have the popcorn?" he smirks
"Can I?"
"Fine... Get off me!"
"How about no,"
"Say Niall is the most amazing boyfriend ever and I want to marry him,"
"Niall is the most amazing boyfriend and I want to marry him,"
"Now can we watch a movie?"
"What about bridal wars?"
"sure,"I shrug
As we get to the part where the little girls are dressing up
"I remember doing that I always loved the bridal gowns,"
"Yeah I use to nick my mums old one and sing someday my prince will come," I sigh remembering my childhood
"Well has he come yet?"
"Yes... That Harry is quite a charmer," I joke
"I'm sure you'll be very happy together,"
"Well too bad who needs a prince when you have a knight in shining armour?"
"Aerwyna... Will you do me the honors of being my one and only princess?" Niall asks on one knee pulling a diamond ring out of his jacket
"OF COURSE!" I scream tackling him into a kiss
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