One Direction Preferences

So tell me your name, the guy from 1D, ed sheeran or Josh any one!n hair and eye colour and any other details you want :)


15. Abbie and Niall

Abbie's POV

"her hair, her hair makes the stars look they're not shining," my Ipod sings aloud as I exit the shower. I start to sing along as i blow-dry my dirty blonde hair. I love this song...

"Knock knock Ab," Niall smiles cheekily as he enters our bedroom. I kiss him after wrapping around my bathrobe.

"I was changing fool,"I smile 

"Sorry, i just couldn't wait to see your face,"

"Awwww," I snuggle into his chest.

"Let's go to canada," Niall sighs softly

"That's a sweet idea Niallz," I smile thinking about us into two-three years looking out to the Niagara falls

"Then go pack," He smiles


*5 hours later*

That's how I've ended up sitting next to Niall, in first class, with the hostest pouring my beverage for me. Niall's been asleep for a while now but he looks adorable and i can't bear to wake him up. I start to mess around with the controls for my seat. I suddenly press a button and suddenly I hear one direction playing in my earphones. I start to sing along to they don't know about us. I start to close my eyes, at the end of the song, I open my eyes and people are staring at me. I instantly blush.

*Later on that day*

"Niall i was wondering if you want to have room service or eat out?" I call from the dining room in our penthouse. No answer...

"Niall?" i ask as i enter our room where a note lay.

Dear Abbie,

Outside is a limo, get in and enjoy the ride babe, Miss you already

With love,

your Nialler

"What is he up to?"


I exit the car happy to be at my secret destination.

"Niall?" I gasp at seeing the Niagara Falls

"her hair, her hair makes the stars look they're not shining," Niall sings "Her eyes, her eyes fall so perfectly without her trying, she's so beautiful and i tell her everyday,"

I start to fell tear rolling down my face. 


"I love you Nialler," I sigh

AN: Hey guys i got invited to co author a movella called Living Like An American Girl! Check it out! 

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