Love or Not

Det ikke en histore det nærmere en dialog jeg skrev i engelsk


1. Love

,,You is a beauty boy,'' say the girl

,,you are more beauty then all the girls in this world,'' say the boy

,,you girlfriend is lucky <33'' say the girl

,,I single but i will have a girlfriend'' say the boy

,,yes.. But you are 2 years older then me.. ''say the girl

,,yes, I older then you. But what ever?! My heart say day and night, i miss she.''

the girl is worry, she say, ,,I don't care. what will people not say?''

,,they can fuck me up?! i can just think what you say abut me.'' say the boy

the girl crying whit a beauty smile. ,,I have ever love you, but i was scared abut, what you say abut me, and now I know you love me? so felling that so Wrong??''

,,of cores that is a new thing, but after two days will you love that,'' the boy smile.

he take she hand, and go to the sunset

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