Nerd girl [feturing 1d]

Meet Olivia. the nerdy girl no one likes. but when she meets Louis, from one direction everything changes


1. meet louis

-Olivias pov-
I was walking home from school. I was soooo bored. it was friday and the sun was going down.  i saw a cute boy, and he looked lost. i was too shy to say anything. "hi." he says with a cheeky smile. Hi. i say. Im louis. he says. Olivia. i say trying not to sound rude. and encuse me I have to go now. i went to leave, but then he stopped me with his foot. Yes? i say. dont you reganise me? he asks. No. i shake my head. he smiles. good. please stay. but i really have to go. i confess. dinner.  dinner can wait. he says with a smirk. Please, i really need to go. i say. but its been lovely meeting you.
whats your number? the boy asks. what? i say. No boy has ever asked me that. you heard me. he says. he was so good looking. got a pen? i say. he hands me  a pen. i get a scrap peice of paper and hand him my number. ill call you soon. he promises. about 6. i say. and i left. could we possibly be my boyfriend?

-louis pov-

its been 1 hour. it is time to call. that girl answers i knew it was her. hello? she says. its louis. he says. whos louis? she asks. that hot boy you met. he laughs.

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