But if you believe that you belong with him
Promise me, you wont let anyone hurt you
Remember, I will always be here for you
Even if it kills me to see you
In that wedding dress, dress</'3


1. Take Me Away

I sighed, ordinary. I was currently at home, I was in my room being bored. I was an ordinary person, like every other person in the world. I was a dreamer, I always thinking I would get to meet a prince and get married, Happily Ever After you know? A girl can always hope. Right?

Well my name is Adriannna, most call me Adri. I lived in a small country named Josvic Helo. We had Princes, and Queens, and Kings. So my fairytale wasn’t really that out of reach. But I doubt ill ever meet the prince of the country. There is hope though, every year there’s a Royal Ball. There was no way I could get in, it was Royal. The only way you could get in was if you got an invitation. We were peasant to them, and the ruled pretty much every thing. I usual stay out there way. I heard that the King was an Asshole, and the Queen was self absorbed. Then the Prince I heard a lot of things. He was charming and handsome. He was a gentlemen, and he take anyone heart by one word. But there were bad ones too. But mostly good ones. His name was Justin Bieber and the Kings name was Jermey Bieber, and the Queens being Alice Ann. She was a step mother.

“Adri!” My mom called.

I got off my bed, sighing intently. My mom was going to probably tell me to get her stuff. I made my way to the living room she sat with guest..? I looked at myself, I had a T-shirt and grey sweats.

“Now don’t stand there introduce your self.” She said with a frown.

“ Hey my names Adirannna.” I said bluntly.

My mom had a disproving look on. While the ‘Guards’ had a interesting look on. Then the prince himself walked through the doors. He looked utterly breathtaking, his hazel eyes now boring into my dull blue ones. He took his eyes form my abruptly looking away. I looked like a fool, thinking the prince would take interest in me.

“I want her.” Justin said breaking the silence.

Huh? What was he talking about.

“But sir, you didn’t even ask he--” He got cut off.

“I don’t care. I want her.” He said with a stern voice.

The guard nodded, not wanting to get him mad.

“Get ready. Bring two suitcases of cloth.” The guard said gruffly.

“Why?” I said confused.

But they left my house without a replied just a “Ill be back in 30 minutes.” From the prince. My mom just sat there shocked. I stood there shocked and confused. Was my fairytale really coming true? I doubt it, but I still hoped.

“Mom, what are they talking about?” I asked.

“Hun, there taking you to the ball.” My mom said looking at her tea.

“Then why do I need two suitcases?” I asked again..

She didn’t answer right away, this must be really bad?

“There talking you for 3 months.” My mom sobbed hugging herself.

Being shocked I sat down getting a little woozy. Why would he want me? I mean I’m just Adri, I sighed and got up. Leaving my mom to herself, I went to get packed. I didn’t have two suitcases of cloth, just one. I grabbed my stuff and walked down to the living room. I saw my mom on the couch in the same position but she wasn’t crying anymore. I dropped my stuff on the floor and walked to my mom hugging her. I wouldn’t lie I would miss her dearly. I let a couple of tears fall, I never liked crying it showed sign of weakness. I wiped them away quickly not wanting anyone to see. But it was too late, Prince Justin walked in the house and saw me. He rushed to my side, a sign of worry in his eyes and a tint of anger. For me, no that’s ridiculous?

“What’s wrong?” He said urgently.

He tugged gently on my hand trying to get me up. I tugged back trying to let him go of me. I didn’t quite want to leave yet.

“Nothing, can I have a moment, Prince Justin?” I whispered.

Realization came over his face. He let go and walked away, he stood by the door and talked to the guards quietly. I tore my gaze away form them and looked back at my mom.

“I love you, mommy.” I mutter.

I hugged her again tightly.

“Love you too, doll.” She said in my hair.

I never said ‘mommy’ sense I was ten. I would really genuinely miss her. I got up before I could cry again. I grabbed my suitcase and walked towards Prince Justin. I nodded to them and we made my way to the Limo outside. Prince Justin took my suitcase, and then I heard a growl. I turn around to see the guard with a mad face yet it was composed. He was glaring at me, if looks could kill, I would be dead.

“How dare you not listen to the PRINCE!” He shrieked.

I looked confused, what was he talking about. Then I noticed that he was talking about the cloth.

“W-w-well I o-only h-a-ad one suitcase, a-and.” I stutter.

The prince gave me a look of sympathy. He averted his gaze and looked at his guards. He gave them a low throaty growl.

“Leave the poor girl alone.” He said.

The guard composed his face, and said a quiet ‘Sorry.’ I nodded accepting the apology.

“But I really think that you should of listen to me.” He sighed.

“I-I’m sorry…I didn’t have that much cloth.” I mummer.

He nodded understanding. The guard took my suitcase from the prince. Justin went to grab it again but the guard being bigger lightly shoved him. Justin chuckled and rolled his eyes playfully. Maybe he wasn’t that different from everyone out age? I sighed and we made our way in the Limo. I sat across from the prince in the back, cause he inquired that we did. I looked outside the window as we sat in quiet. I looked at my house till it was out of view.

“So, what’s your name?” The prince asked.

“Adrianna, Prince Justin” I said politely,.

“Don’t call me that.” He scrunched up his face.

“Why not Pr- I mean Justin?” I corrected my self.

“I’m just like you. And you have a beautiful name.” He smiled.

“Thanks, your name is not to bad your self.” I smiled back.

“I’m sorry I took you away.” He said frowning.

“Its fine. I don’t really mind. Ill just miss my mom.” I sighed looking back out.

I never really minded, but I’m not going to lie I would miss my mom a lot. But you never know what could happen.

“You’ll visit her, I promise.” He muttered.

I nodded, and looked at my pants.

“Its not that bad, I swear. We’ll have tons of fun!” He said trying to make me cheerful.

Truth was I was perfectly fine just a little tired.

“I’m just tired, Justin.” I said, yawning on cue.

“Your cute.” He blurted, while chuckling.

I looked at him confused.

“I-I ju-ust m-m-mean-” He stuttered.

“Your pretty cute too.” I laughed.

He just sighed and walked over next to me. He told me to lay down, I did what he wanted and laid my head on his lap. He started to hum a song, I really thought it was pretty. Right before I fell asleep I couldn’t help to here the words he spoke.

“Adri, sleep well my love.”


When I woke up I was is a gorgeous room, it looked elegant. I looked at my cloth, I was now in a silky pajamas, they were plain purple. Who changed me? I sighed and got up, I bet this was Justin room? I went to door that had a sign named bathroom. Typical. I peeled off the pajamas. I hopped in the shower turning the knob. I felt the cold water refresh my body. When I was done I took a towel from the rack. I hummed the song that was on top of my head, I walked out the bathroom. I shuddered from the cold wind and closed my eyes momentary. When I open them I was face to face with the prince. Shocked I screamed, I dropped my towel. I squirm, trying to cover up my boobs and private part. Justin eyes wide, goes down and grabs the towel and wraps it around me again.

“I-im s-s-sorry!” He says still wide eyed.

I just nod and motion for him to get out. He leaves without another word. I sigh and walk to the closet and notice my suitcase of cloth. I pick to wear purple converse, white skinny jeans and purple V-neck. I walk make to the room and notice Justin now sitting on the bed, he looked deep in thought. About what, I don’t know. I walked towards him, put he notice my presetting before I even get to him. I sit by him, sightly shaking the bed.

“You know I don’t have a mom. Right?” He says still looking down.

I nod, motioning him to go on.

“Well my dad he picks the worse person to get re-married to!” He growled.

“How so?” I asked.

“Cause she’s using him,” Justin said frustrated” She cheating to and he never listens!”

I slowly take my hand in his.

“Justin, I know your frustrated and mad but everything will fall into place.” I smiled weakly trying to make him happy.

He nods.

“I’m sorry for the incident this morning.” He says blushing.

“Aww, your adorable. Its ok.” I laugh.

“Come on, we have to get ready for the ball!” He says tugging my hand.

We get up leaving our hands intertwined. He leads me to a door that’s labeled ‘Ballroom.’ I stop because I’m unsure that were suppose to go in there. Justin turns around giving me a confused look.

“U-ummm, a-a-are we suppose to in there?” I mutter.

I here him chuckle and pull me in the room. I here laughter and chatter, Justin clears his throat. I felt all the eyes on us, and all the raucous stop. I suddenly come interested in the carpet.

“Leave.” He said menacingly.

He pulls me to the right so all the ‘Servants?’ Could leave. Once out he puts on his goofy grin. He lets my hand drop to my side and runs across the room. Once I actually looked up, it was absolutely beautiful. Justin motion me to come too, I slowly walked to him. Once by him he took my hand again. We were standing in front of five chairs.

“You and I are going to sitting here,” He motions to the chairs to the right.” My dad and her are going to be sitting on the left.”

I nod, a small smile lingering on my lips. I feel Justin squeeze my hand. I look up to him, he was utterly beautiful. I felt really ugly next to him, but why would he pick me? I felt him let go of my hand. He raised his hand to my cheek and lean in. I slowly lean in too, I could feel his breath on my lips. Centimeters away, I jump back.

“I’m sorry, Prince Justin.” I say.

I run away in tears, this really was turning into a fairytale. I groan and run to the bedroom.
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