But if you believe that you belong with him
Promise me, you wont let anyone hurt you
Remember, I will always be here for you
Even if it kills me to see you
In that wedding dress, dress</'3


3. Every Heart In The Room Will Melt

He sighed, and just looked away.

“People have always told me I was a good listener.” I offered.

He nodded, but didn’t seem to speak. I let him take his time.

“Well, there’s this girl. Her name is Adrianna.” He told.

Was he talking about he? No, he couldn’t be. I nodded so he could continue.

“I took her away from her family, and I feel really bad. I don’t even know why I picked her. She just stood out, unlike the others. I felt like I knew her my whole life, and I know most people say that a lot. But I genuinely feel like it.” He smiled.

Well that sums it up. He was talking about me.

“Does she like you back?” I hesitated.

Yea she does, I thought.

“It doesn’t seem like it.” He frowned
“Well maybe she thinks that you’re too good for her.” I offered.

Oh, yea I did.

“Now why would she think that?” He said skeptical.

Cause you’re a prince, duh.

“Well, maybe cause you’re a prince, and she’s well a peasant.” I said bluntly.

He glared at me.

“She is not a peasant.” He growled.
I nodded.

“Sorry.” I mutter.

He sighed and pulled me closer.

“You know you kind of remind me of her.” He whispered in my ear.

“Well then, what if she was watching.” I whispered back.

“She’s been watching this whole time.” He smirked.

“And what might have given you that idea?” I asked.

“Cause, you’re her.” He smiled.

I was in shock at that moment. I hardly looked like myself, I was covered in make-up. I heard the second horn ring. Time for us to sit, I pulled myself from Justin. He was slowly following behind me. I sat in my chair to the far left. I heard Justin quietly take his seat beside me. I shrilling voice started to talk but I wasn’t paying attention. How could’ve he found out? I could hardly recognize myself. The whole time I was trying to figure it out, when finally Justin and I needed to dance. I notice the song playing to be All About Us, by He Is We. One of my favorite bands I might add. Justin took my hand and took me to the middle of the dance floor. He lightly let my hand fall.
“Take my hand,” He slowly took my hand in his again.

“Ill teach you to dance.” I sang quietly
He took my waist and slowly pulled my body to his.

“Ill spin you around,” He spun me around.” Won’t let you fall down.”

I slowly dance to the song as he sang to me. This song had perfectly matched what was going on.

“The rooms hush, hush, and now’s our moment. Take it in, it all and hold it. Eyes on you, eyes on me were doing this right.” He sang to me.

He voice was beautiful, unlike mine. He looked beautiful, unlike me. Everything was different about us. It made me feel self-conscious.

“Cause a lovers dance, when there feeling in love. Spotlight shining its all about us,” We sang.”And every heart in the room will melt. This is a feeling we never felt but, its all about us.”

We ended the song, our faces centimeters away. He slowly pressed his lips to mine, I put my hand around his neck. I forgot about everything, just knowing that Justin and I were the only ones here. I slowly started to need oxygen. I pulled away and looked into Justin’s eyes, I couldn’t read them, as usual. A loud cheer and woops came from the crowd, but I didn’t face them. I faced the only thing I was yearning for. Justin, the prince of Jesovic Helo.

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