All Just A Lie

When Hayley was young she was taken by her Uncle who turned her into the authorities because he found her parents unfit to look after her. When asked if her parents had other kids Mike Malik turned it down claiming she was their only child and he was doing this for Hayley’s benefit. When Hayley turned 13 her foster parents of 5 years decided she was too much hassle and sent her back to the orphanage where she discovered the truth about her past. The fact that she had an older brother who was in a famous boy band, known all over the world, the fact that her parents were capable of supporting her but Uncle Mike hated her and sent her away and claimed she had been kidnapped. Will one independent trip to London change her life forever?


4. Piece 1


Niall’s P.O.V


Zayn walked through the flat door after wanting to greet the new neighbour. We all live in one big flat together even though there were more than 2 available.

‘Woah Zayn, decorating your room?’ Louis asked

‘No. Weirdest thing just happened though’ he stated placing the painting supplies on the front table as you walk through the door.

‘Ok, go on’ Harry smiled

‘Ok, so you know how I was going over to meet the new neighbour? I found out 2 things’

After we nodded for him to continue, he did.

‘One she’s a girl’ he stated

‘Is she attractive?’ Harry asked straight away, I rolled my eyes at his eagerness.

‘I’m not sure; I didn’t really see her face. She took one look at me and then walked away and left me with all of this’ he shook his head confusingly

‘How did you get all this stuff from her then?’ I asked

‘She was struggling so I helped her and as I did the whole pile fell’ Zayn laughed a bit.

‘Well, I reckon one of us should take this stuff back to her and see if she is a fan’ Liam decided

‘I’ll go’ I called, as everyone looked at me ‘Why is it always me anyway?’ I asked curiously

‘Because you’re cute and less intimidating’ Louis joked

I grabbed her stuff before heading across the hall towards her door. The only thing drifting in my thoughts were ‘I hope she doesn’t scream’


Hayley’s P.O.V


I could not believe it. I could take it two ways. My brother lives in the same building as me or he’s just visiting someone. I hoped it was the second though I was pretty sure it wasn’t. I shook it from my mind and changed into my painting clothes. As I was mixing the paint there was a knock on the door.

‘Hello’ chirped a cute Irish accent as I opened the door. There stood the most attractive blonde hair blue eyed boy I had ever seen.

‘Hi, how can I help you’ I smiled. I looked down at my outfit and blushed. I was wearing an old, guns and roses band t-shirt and a pair of bright red booty shorts. The shirt was the only thing I have left of my real family since I found the truth; apparently it belonged to my dad so I never let it go out of my sight. I didn’t mind wearing it for painting because the paint I bought washes out.

‘I just bought back these, Zayn had them and said you freaked out a little so I bought them here for you’ he smiled his cute little smile.

‘Thank- you, I’m Hayley by the way’ I smiled holding out my hand. He shook it and introduced himself as Niall. After we talked a bit at the doorway and invited him in for a cup of tea.

‘You have a really nice place’ he complimented

‘Thank you, it’s not done yet though’ I laughed.

‘So why did you freak out when you saw Zayn earlier?’ he asked sipping his tea as we sat opposite each other on the bar stools.

‘Wasn’t expecting him to be there?’ I shrugged but my voice gave it away that I was lying.

‘Are you a fan?’ he asked staring down at me with a hint of smirk on his pink, plump lips.

‘Fan?’ I questioned

‘Oh, haven’t you heard of us before? One Direction?’ he asked

‘Oh. Sorry forgot, you’re just so… not famous acting, it slipped my mind. Actually I wasn’t that big of fan, truth be told I didn’t even know about you until the plane ride over’ I laughed awkwardly ‘the girl next to me would not shut up about how she’s going to your concert and how Liam, is it? Is afraid of spoons’

‘I don’t want to sound up myself or anything, but how come you didn’t know about us. I mean you’re obviously British’

‘Oh I grew up in a orphanage’ I sighed

‘I’m sorry’ he whispered, as I just waved it off.

‘Are you from Bradford?’ he questioned suddenly, ‘It’s just you have the same accent as Zayn’ 

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