All Just A Lie

When Hayley was young she was taken by her Uncle who turned her into the authorities because he found her parents unfit to look after her. When asked if her parents had other kids Mike Malik turned it down claiming she was their only child and he was doing this for Hayley’s benefit. When Hayley turned 13 her foster parents of 5 years decided she was too much hassle and sent her back to the orphanage where she discovered the truth about her past. The fact that she had an older brother who was in a famous boy band, known all over the world, the fact that her parents were capable of supporting her but Uncle Mike hated her and sent her away and claimed she had been kidnapped. Will one independent trip to London change her life forever?


3. My Neighbors



The morning after the plane had landed I decided I should re-decorate the flat. Sure it was nice, spacious and cosy but it was lacking the ‘me’ factor. I wanted this flat to be mine not just somewhere I sleep, cook and clean. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live a stable life if I rushed into decorating the whole house at once so my plan was to do a room every fortnight. I figured I’d wait to do the bathrooms and kitchen seeming those were must have essentials and settled on starting the living room. I headed out the door and down into the garage where an old beat-up VW Beetle was settled, collecting dust. This was my going away present from the orphanage, it wasn’t much but it was all I need and truth be told I absolutely adored it. Of coarse I wasn’t a full permitted driver so I had to place those stupid plates at the back and fronts of my car. I climbed into the drivers seat and set off down the road. The one thing I did notice though was that all the car spaces were full. My neighbours must be home.


I trudged down the hallway towards my door with all the supplies I needed. Paints, brushes, paintings, hooks, lights and much more. It was getting difficult holding such weight and I was thankful when, I’m assuming one of my neighbours rushed over to help me with the now fallen items. I laughed at myself a bit, shaking my head before re-collecting my belongings. I took this chance to look up to see who had been the kind, gentle stranger. As soon as I took one look I rushed towards my door, not caring if I seemed rude or bitchy. I just needed to get out of there. There stood in the hallway with half of my things was my brother. The Zayn Malik.

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