All Just A Lie

When Hayley was young she was taken by her Uncle who turned her into the authorities because he found her parents unfit to look after her. When asked if her parents had other kids Mike Malik turned it down claiming she was their only child and he was doing this for Hayley’s benefit. When Hayley turned 13 her foster parents of 5 years decided she was too much hassle and sent her back to the orphanage where she discovered the truth about her past. The fact that she had an older brother who was in a famous boy band, known all over the world, the fact that her parents were capable of supporting her but Uncle Mike hated her and sent her away and claimed she had been kidnapped. Will one independent trip to London change her life forever?


2. Learning




The plane finally landed in London and I was happy to avoid the annoying chattering person I had the pleasure to sit next to. I hope you got my sarcasm. I’ve never hated planes but I’ve never liked them either. Through out the plane ride the teenage girl next me kept going on and on about a famous boy band called One Direction, they were suppositively living in London and that was the reason she was visiting, that and her grandmother was sick. I wasn’t really listening as she dived into how they became famous with very much detail; let me tell you, until I heard a familiar name.

‘Sorry, but what were their names again?’ I asked politely. I’m not sure if she could tell I wasn’t listening before but she defiantly didn’t show it.

‘Well, they call Liam Payne ‘Daddy Direction’, Niall Horan, is the Irish sweetheart, Louis Tomlinson is the funny, loud, crazy one, Harry Styles is the flirt and he has curly hair and then there’s Zayn Malik, he’s the mysterious one’ she concluded I swear she didn’t take a breath but when she recited my brothers name I couldn’t help but my heart stopped.

‘Can I see a picture?’ I stuttered and with them she pulled out a magazine from her overly orange backpack. She flipped through it a while before coming across a labelled picture. She past it over to me, and all I could do was stare. Tears welled up behind my eyelids begging to be realised as I scanned thoroughly over the photograph of my beaming older brother. Some of my questions were answered there on the spot. We had the same eyes, we had the same hair colour, and we had the same lips and face structure. We were almost identical. I placed the magazine down not daring to look again at the all to friendly faces of all 5 boys. I wasn’t interested any more with what the girl had said and was continuing on about. I tuned her out as I made a new goal for myself, I had to find him, I had to find Zayn. 

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