All Just A Lie

When Hayley was young she was taken by her Uncle who turned her into the authorities because he found her parents unfit to look after her. When asked if her parents had other kids Mike Malik turned it down claiming she was their only child and he was doing this for Hayley’s benefit. When Hayley turned 13 her foster parents of 5 years decided she was too much hassle and sent her back to the orphanage where she discovered the truth about her past. The fact that she had an older brother who was in a famous boy band, known all over the world, the fact that her parents were capable of supporting her but Uncle Mike hated her and sent her away and claimed she had been kidnapped. Will one independent trip to London change her life forever?


1. Finding Out



Why? Why, was the only question running through my brain as the broken puzzle pieces came together to form the story that was my life. Why would someone I trust push me away like that deliberately? Why would they want to make not only my life misery, but others as well? That was if they really cared. My life was one screwed up mess, really it was.

My own blood related had taken me, Hayley Lewis, and abandoned to only be fed a lie like the rest of my biological family. From the day I can remember Mrs Boyd told me I was born into an unstable family and they were unable to care for me. Through the whole time I lived with Mr and Mrs McDonald they didn’t utter a single word about my past, in which they obviously knew about. Now at the ginger old age of 17 I’m only just finding out that my life was a lie and I could be living normal as we speak? It’s just a screwed up mess as to I’m the main attraction. Inside I felt hurt and betrayed, shocked and upset, but deep down, deep, deep, deep down I couldn’t help but feel a tiny pang of hope rise through my veins. I mean if I’ve been fed a lie my entire life than so have my parents and my now discovered older brother. I wanted to meet them again, I wondered if my older brother was the one I turned to when I was upset and he held me close and soothed me when I was with him. I wondered if back then he played hide and go seek with me, if he let me sleep with him during thunderstorms, if he kissed me goodnight every time sleep washed over me. I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder to what he would look like. Does he have the same, natural dark eyes like me? Or were they light and beautiful. Did he have the same dark, luxurious hair and same naturally pouting lips? Did he have the same personality as me or was he completely different? I knew I’d never know the answers unless I organised to meet him, but I’m a naturally awkward person and just turning up out of the blue wasn’t something I was accustom to. I let the thoughts slip my mind as I started re-packing my suitcase for the morning. I know I’m only 17 but my responsibility has had everyone suspecting me as older, therefore I’m allowed to grow independent before the big 18 comes around, which in my defence is only 3 months away. All through the night I couldn’t help but wonder why the name of my brother seemed so familiar, yes I know it’s probably because I have met him before but couldn’t remember it, but something deep inside me knew it was because I had seen him without realising it. Zayn Malik. 

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