Nothing but Love and Difficulty

Sahra and Savannah meet 1D and all the boys instantly fall in love with them. The girls will have to choose between the boys while trying to keep the band together and going strong. (all boys are single)


2. The Concert

Niall’s POV- I couldn’t wait for this concert to be over so I could see Sahra, the curly red-headed girl who I soon wanted to be my princess. When Liam and I handed them the envelope we gave them 2 VIP passes for after the show. Paul told us to give the passes to random fans so Liam and I both thought of Sahra and Savannah instantly. So we wrote a note on the outside of the envelope and took it to them. We then headed out of stage to look for them in the sea of fans. I see someone pointing in the corner of my eye. I really don’t know why this one fan caught my eye, but they did and when I turned I found it to be that Savannah was pointing. We walk over to them and have security, since they won’t let us off the stage, hand Sahra the envelope. After she opens it she shows Savannah and thanks us. We then had to finish getting ready so we waved goodbye.
Savannah’s POV- (during the concert) I see Niall staring at Sahra for most of the concert. I see Liam glance over towards us a couple times, but didn’t make anything of it. When they were singing ‘They Don’t Know About us’ Niall did this cute little heart thing to Sahra while they sang I love you’s. Liam kept his eyes locked with mine the entire song. Sahra and I sang along with every song. The concert finally ends and we head backstage.
Sahra’s POV- I couldn’t believe I was going to meet one direction!! I was finally going to meet the band I have been dreaming about meeting since they were first put together. I think Niall likes me, but what am I saying he is a big famous pop star and I am just a normal girl from London. It isn’t likely that any of them would like me. To them I am just another fan. Savannah showed security our passes and they told us to go to this one room and that the boys would be there soon. Now we are sitting on a couch in the room waiting on the boys. I can’t wait to see them again they are all so funny and easy to talk to. We sit down for a while and soon the lads walk in.
Zayn’s POV- we knew Liam and Niall would give the tickets to those 2 girls who gave us a ride here. Niall seems to fancy the red headed one. The thing is, is that I fancy her too and I will get her. I will get her even if it means crushing one of my best mates heart. She will be mine.
A/N sorry for the late update and everything. I have been really busy. Please comment and tell me what you think.

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