Nothing but Love and Difficulty

Sahra and Savannah meet 1D and all the boys instantly fall in love with them. The girls will have to choose between the boys while trying to keep the band together and going strong. (all boys are single)


1. Flat Tire

Sahra’s POV) I get up and get ready for the One direction concert my best friend, Savannah, and I are going to. We won front row tickets from the local radio station. I check the time and I have exactly 20 minutes to finish getting ready and go over to Savannah’s house. I decide to wear skinny jeans, with brown cowboy boots, a studded union jack tee with a sparkly blue bracelet with charms that spell out “I <3 Niall” on it. I finish getting ready and head over to Savannah’s. I decided to just leave my hair alone and leave it down. I have long red curly hair while Savannah has straight brown hair.
Savannah’s POV) I wake up and take a shower. I don’t want to wear anything too fancy but also nothing to comfortable. I decide to wear a round neck long sleeve shirt, premium black super skinny jeans, and black ankle cowboy boots. I also decide to wear an owl necklace and a silver ring that says love. Sahra comes soon after I am ready and we eat before we leave. We jump in my car/van and head off to the concert. We were listening to the Up All Night album and singing along. We get to a 4-way and I hear this tapping coming from the outside of my window. I pause the song, which happened to be Tell Me a Lie. I roll down my window and I don’t know if I am seeing things or not but Liam was standing right in front of me with the other boys right behind him. “Excuse me, but our bus has a flat tire and we don’t have enough time before our concert to fix it. We were wondering if maybe you could drive us to the arena?”  “Sure jump in back. We were just heading that way anyway,” Sahra says before I can even really process what is going on here. They all get in with Niall behind Sahra and Liam behind me. The other boys were all trying to fit into the third row. We have conversations about anything and everything, including carrots. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk and joke around with them. I keep seeing Niall glance at Sahra, but look away before she sees him. I’ll have to tell her about that later. Soon enough we were at the arena and the boys all piled out of the back, thanked us, and headed backstage to get ready. We chat and I tell her about what Niall did in the car and she said she kept seeing Liam glance at me. We laugh and merge into the line of fans also going to the concert. We find our seats and just as we sit down Niall and Liam walk out onto stage and they seem to be looking for someone.
Sahra’s POV) Savannah points to Liam and Niall up on the stage and they seemed to be looking for someone or something. Niall’s eyes met mine and he taps Liam and points towards us. They walk over and tell the security guard to give us something. The security guard hands me an envelope with a not on the front. The note said: “Thanks for the ride. Paul told us to go pick 2 random fans and we instantly thought of you 2.
                             See you soon,
    Niall and Liam (and the other boys)”
I opened it and almost screamed from peer joy when I saw what was in the envelope. I showed the contents to Savannah and she did scream. We then looked toward Niall and Liam and said thanks. Then the boys had to go finish getting ready and walked off the stage again. The concert hadn’t even started yet and I could tell that today was going to be the best day of my life.

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