They Don't Know...

Cameron, Melanie and Sierra have been friends for a long while now. One day they're at a concert, when they go back stage to meet the boys everything goes well, so far..
When Niall falls head-over-heals for Cameron, she forgets about her friends. And it all gets harder from there.


1. Snowflakes

One morning, in the brisk cold air of Canada, Cameron woke up to a text on her phone. "Meet me at the place. -Melanie" She put on a pair of high waist-ed worn down skinny jeans, a Navy blue Aeropostale Sweatshirt, and Black Vans. She crept down to her back door, and gently opened it. She looked over at her old cottage that was built behind her new house. It was surrounded by the woods, and has a beautiful gaze of the stars at night. 

She started off into the path her brother built before he went of to the university. She was only 17, and she had just started her new life in Canada. Her friends, they were obsessed with this one band, One Direction. She didn't care for them much, except for the blonde one. He seemed innocent. Like a Snowflake, just floating around in the cold December air. 

Around 15 minutes after she left she came upon the place. The place where she had first met Melanie and Sierra. It was an elder tree, it was thick and large. The branches were unbelievably long. "CAMY! We've been waiting forever!" It was Sierra, her and Melanie walked up to me. "We have EXCITING news!!" "Let me guess, One Direction related?" I said with a cringe. "Man, she's no fun." Said Melanie. "I can be fun, I mean if it was Justin Bie- - -" "Of course you'd mention him. Well we got back stage passes and you're coming with us if you like it or not, got it?" "Fine I'll go with you guys, under one condition." "What condition...?" "BLONDE ONE'S MINE!" 

Melanie's POV

Of course she would choose Niall. He's such a sweetheart. But all I wanted was the chance to meet the one and only, Harry Styles. He was a very bold and daring lad. I was falling hard for him, like none other. I liked this one boy Matt, from my middle school. He was a sweet boy, with lots of personality. We had French together, every other day. It wasn't enough, and we barely talked. 

I really wanted to meet the boys. From the boys on the stairs to where they are now, they've taken my breath. I hope he thinks of me as someone different, not just another fan. Well Sierra is going to be all over Liam, I just know it. But i bet ya if they only knew how sweet we are, they'd fall for us. Most Definitely.



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