When Lily is bullied at school and then gets home to taunts and death threats from her family she can't take it anymore. She desides to run away from their when she turnes up 3 hours away from home in sydney she scared, dosn't have anywhere to go or sleep, But that all changes when she meets the boys from 1D!
read to find out more


2. What's Your Number?

Once I got my food I went and sat down at a random table. Tears came to my eyes when i thought about my family, well family don't do that to you so really they are just strangers to me. when i was eating i saw the boys from Nandos come sit down at the table next to me, i could see them staring at me. did i look awful? i have strawberry red hair blue eyes and freckles. i was wearing my rabens sunnys on my left out hair my pink bin tang  skinny jeans and my vans. i felt someone ta my shoulder i turned around with half my chicken wrap hanging out my was the blonde boy he started to giggle when he saw me. i took that wh ay to wrong and took it to heart i stood up and ran. he started to run after me. when i ran out of breath he was able to catch me, he asked me what was wrong and i told him that nothing was wrong, i am the worst liar.

"OK well at least tell me your name beautiful"

" my name is Lily"

"oh Pretty name for a pretty lady"

" well my name is Niall Horan

I told him that i need to go home now but he made me come with him and my friend to get ice cram and then he would drop me home, at first i didn't agree because i don't have much money and what am i going to do when they take me home i don't have one what will i tell them?

when we went out for ice-cream i ordered my ice-cream mango and rainbow double scoop Niall and his friend Louis ordered theirs i felt bad so i went to pay but Louis stepped in and told me to not even think about it.

we decided to eat outside. when we sat down a group of girls came running around the corner Niall and Louis looked at each other. the girls were going crazy they asked for their autograph and one of them jumped on Louis and kissed him she went red and he yelled at her to get off. She looked at me in disgust and stared at me up and down. i felt a tear go down my cheek and Niall must have noticed because he bitch slapped her and Louis went all sassy on them and told them to go away. they ran off crying, i just sat their in awe. Why would they do that for me? we decided to leave i told them that i would walk but they both picked me up and dragged me into the limo they asked me were i live and i told them that i live just down the road the driver started down the road and dropped me off at a random house i said i lived in just as i was about to get out of the limo i exchanged my number with Niall when i got my phone back from him it had as his name Niall Is A Sexy Beast<3 i laughed at that and got out of the car and walked up to the door i turned around and they were still there i told them to go but Niall look at me with detective eyes. i didn't think and i ran away Niall yelled "Not Again!! he followed me into an ally way were i layed down and hid in a cardboard box. Niall came up to me and kissed my forehead.

"do you have any were to go?" he asked

"No i just got here in Sydney tonight i don't have money or a house."

"Stay with me and my friends we live just around the corner i have 3 other friends we are all staying together because were on break. i decide to go with him we walked all the way.





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