When Lily is bullied at school and then gets home to taunts and death threats from her family she can't take it anymore. She desides to run away from their when she turnes up 3 hours away from home in sydney she scared, dosn't have anywhere to go or sleep, But that all changes when she meets the boys from 1D!
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3. Sleep

When we got to his apartment he opened the door, i looked in it was huge! i looked at the couch and there were three boys staring at me. "this is Louis you ready meet him, "Niall said", and Zayn and Liam. Harry is away he went somewhere else for his break."

"so Niall who's this lucky girl?" Zayn said, that's when it clicked they are One Direction my "friend" knows who they are she is obsess with them. "I am Lily" i said shyly looking at the floor.

"well Lily you can sleep in my bed tonight i'll sleep on the couch" Niall said. "oh its ok you don't need to do that."

"yes i do." he picked me up at my feet and lifted me over his shoulder i didn't tell hi  to put me down i liked our warm bodies touching. he took me into his room and placed me on his bed and commanded me to stay there. He left the room and went to see the boys i thought i would make my self at home so i got into the bed and started to drift off when he came in.

sorry to disturb you but, he looked at me and our eyes met he asked if he could sleep in here with me because the boys were staying up late.  i nodded and he hopped under the sheets with me he had the biggest grin on his face and he kissed me on the forehead and snag me to sleep.  

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