When Lily is bullied at school and then gets home to taunts and death threats from her family she can't take it anymore. She desides to run away from their when she turnes up 3 hours away from home in sydney she scared, dosn't have anywhere to go or sleep, But that all changes when she meets the boys from 1D!
read to find out more


1. That's It

I got tickets for the next train to anywhere. it left in half an hour so i sat on the dirty bench and listened to my music. 

half way through the second song i herd my name being yelled out by someone who saw me oh no they found me. I stood up and quickly ran into the girls bathroom  even though it was just Alex my ex boyfriend i dumped about an hour ago i knew he would still tell my parents were i was, that's if i was still alive. i picked up by nail scissors out of my bag and quickly ran the blade across my wrist. the pain made me start to cry, it started to squirt with blood. then I herd the door open it was Alex he said my name quietly and i stood up and walked out of the cubicle i was in . when he saw my wrists he stared at me and said m"you didn't did you" i nodded. 

I herd on the loud speaker that the train to Sydney had just arrived i walked past Alex about to walk out of the bathroom when he grabbed my upper arm with force and pulled me into a kiss. it was magic is till love him but i need to leave before they find me so i pulled out gave him a hug ran onto the train just as the doors closed. i watched as Alex faded into the distance as the train rolled away.


I turned up in Sydney at about 8 o'clock, it was about a 2 hour train ride cos we had to pic people up on the way. i am really hungry so i went to the mall that said it was up late cause of Christmas  i walked in and went straight to the food court on the way i was thinking about where i would sleep tonight. i have about 200 bucks in my pocket from work but that's to last until i find a job so i cant stay somewhere fancy. here i am at the food court i decide to go to Nandos because i don't often get to go their. there wasn't many people in the food court as i thought there would be there was on;ly like 20 people. there was 2 men standing in front of me talking about some sort of tour. when they ordered the man that sounded like he was Irish bought pretty much the whole store. they walk over to the other side of the bench when they were finished ordering so i could order. i ordered heaps because i haven't eaten all day. when i went to wait, in the corner of my eyes i could she them shocked at how much i bought but the Irish one smiled.



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