Love is Enough

You’ve probably heard the story about the girl who fell for the guy. Who hasn’t? Here’s the story you haven’t heard. The story nobody’s written. My story.


1. January 1st, 2012

We’ve all heard the story. You know, that girl who completely fell head over heels for the pretty boy with the glowing blue eyes. This time... That girl was me. But I’ve felt, along the way, sometimes, being alone is just the best way to go. But not this time. I’m here in my room now. Yeah, people don’t usually write about that kind of thing... But, I’m not “average”, lucky for you. My name is Paige “Lucky” Richard. In a world where everything is so... Messed up, it’s pretty hard to believe that someone-anyone- ever even found true love. But I did, I did! And, this pretty little notebook is a reminder to everyone, even him, that true love is real. I swear.
A little while back, I lived in a small, seaside town called Poiserock, Ireland. Its easy to miss. Thats where the story begins. In a closet, while it’s pouring rain. Footsteps thud around the house as my father comes looking for me. The scene: 16 year old Lucky and her seven year old brother, Declan, are hiding from a man; their father. I told Declan to stay in the closet while I left and called for my best friend, Lizze. Lizze and her mother knew my father well and could handle him when he got like this. Hopefully. I slipped out of the house and ran like my life depended on it, because it partially did. But I was running for Declan. When I got to Lizze’s house, I banged on the door. The lights in the house nextdoor flicked on, and someone came out. “Hey, you, gal! You need help?” I ran over to the man. “Yes, please, please!” I quickly explained to him my problems and he told me to go inside while he took his oldest son to get Declan. I went into the house. A kind woman offered me clothes and I accepted. Except, they were teenage boy clothes. But, they were dry. “That was my husband, Bobby, and my oldest son, Greg. My other son, Niall, is going to be home from his friend’s house soon.” I thanked her for the clothes and blankets and sat on a couch, waiting for Bobby and Greg to return. The door burst open. “Mum, I’m back!” Someone screamed. That must be Niall, I thought. He saw me on the couch, in his sweatpants and Boyce Avenue shirt and half-smiled. “I’m Niall. And you are...?” I hesitated. “Lucky.” He smiled. “Hi, Lucky. Comfy?” I looked down again. “I’m sorry, about this. Is this... Alright? I mean, your mom.. I didn’t... I... Erm..” He laughed. “Kidding. Are you alright?” I shook my head. He sat down next to me, and a tear fell down my cheek. “Need a hug?” I nodded. Niall wrapped me up in a warm hug, where I fell asleep in the next instant.
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