Beautiful D i s a s t e r

Scarlett Elouise "Elle" Fosters is your regular everyday 16 year old girl. She has your normal everyday dreams. To fall in love, get married, and have a family. Those will just have to wait however. At the young age of 13, her mother and father both abandoned her and her two younger brothers, Dusty and Reef. Ever since she has been fighting to keep them together, her only source of money being her uncle. He gives them $500 a month but that always goes towards the boys. Oh hold on, she also has a one year old baby girl, but that was due to the fact that she was raped. She has all the good grades, the looks, and the good attitude. Everyone in the school looks up to her as an idol, not knowing of what happens behind the scenes. Behind locked doors and closed screens, she's been to juvy 21 times, charged for stealing 45 times and breaking and entering 12 times. Can a simple curly headed singer change her life?


7. Remember Me?

"I want you to rock me! Rock me! Rock me! Yeah! I want you to hit the pedal, heavy metal show me you care!" Gigi and I sang out as we rounded a corner. The people who held the contest had given us directions to where the guys where staying. We were to meet them then go out for dinner. All my expenses were paid for. 

"Aaahhhrrrgggggg!" Gigi growled out as we neared the hotel.

"What's up?" I asked her and checked in the mirror.

"I'm so nervous. What if they don't like us? What if they think we're ugly? What if-"

"Gigi! Shut up! Don't worry about the what ifs. focus on the positive." I looked at her as she made angry faces. She let out a sigh and admitted that I was right. We found a parking spot in close to the door.

"Ugh...I'm nervous." I said and looked at her. I fiddled with my hair and played with my jewelry. Then, a beep came from Gigi's phone.

'@Harry_Styles: Can't wait to meet the winner of the contest! I feel so lucky for some reason, so hurry up and get here! Xx' it read. Gigi showed it to me and squealed.

"Harry can't wait to see you!" she fangirled and poked me. I rolled my eyes and put up a smile. Secretly, I died inside. 

"Alright creeper, let's go." I said and opened the door. I stepped out and Gigi did the same. We walked to the hotel and went inside. I spotted the receptionist desk and approached it. 

"Hi, I'm the contest winner from People Magazine's 'One Direction Dream Day Experience.'" I told her with a smile. She picked a phone up and had about a two minute conversation.

"Mr. Styles says he'll be down in a second to get you." she smiled and set the phone down, almost close to a hushed whisper when she told me. I nodded and looked at Gigi who had nothing but happiness written on her face.

"Well, let's go. Probably wait by the elevator." 

In no time at all, or so it seemed, a dark tall man came over to us. 

"Are you the contest winner?" he asked with a low raspy voice. 

"Yeah, I'm Elle." I answered, a bit frightened. The guy was wearing a Abercombie and Fitch hoodie, and a pair of dark jeans. He also had a pair of sunglasses on. If that didn't spell shady, then I don't know what does. 

A smile curled at the end of his lips and he looked down at me, lifting my chin up with his index finger. He bent down and I could feel his warm breath against my ear.

"Elle, it's Harry. Remember me?" he asked with the same raspy tone as before.

My eyes widened as I brought my head back and looked at him through the dark shades.

"Y-yeah. How could I forget?" I asked with a small nervous laugh.

"Well, I'm glad you remember! Now c'mon! The boys want to meet you!" he exclaimed like an excited puppy. I smiled and nodded. Then I heard a throat clearing. Oh right. Gigi was here too.

"Elle, wanna tell me who your friend is?" she asked and looked at Harry. He smiled and looked at her, extending his hand.

"I'm Harry." he said simply. Gigi's eyes widened and I had to cover her mouth before she could scream.

"Shhhh...Gigi shut up." I told her with a glare. Harry only laughed and grabbed my free hand. A blush lit my face up like a wildfire.

"C'mon!" he said again and pulled us to the elevator. My eyes roamed down to his large hand engulfing my smaller one. His hand was rough, like many years of hard work. He had a callus here and there. His fingers were long and slender. I looked up at him as he texted with his other hand. Gigi kept wiggling and licking my hand so I let her go. I got used to the feeling and relaxed finally. 

"Your Harry Styles!" she said and looked at me. He looked up from his phone and nodded. 

"The one and only." he said and looked back down at his phone. Gigi looked at Harry then back to me in disbelief. She then took her phone out and took a picture. Harry and I both looked up.

"Why did you take a picture?" I asked and she only smiled.

"You two are holding hands! It's way too cute!" she exclaimed and showed us the picture. My face became red again and I looked away, pulling my hand from his.

"S-sorry, Ha-Harry." I stuttered out like a fool. He slipped his phone into his pocket and looked up.

"No, it's my fault. I shouldn't have grabbed your hand." he apologized. Thanks to Gigi, it was five more floors of awkward silence. 


Finally, we reached the penthouse. When the door opened, Harry took the lead while Gigi and I followed. 

Being the low life I am, when we stepped out of the elevator and into the elaborated penthouse, I was speechless. Never in my life have I ever been in such an elaborate place. I thought the school dances were pretty elaborate, but this took the cake.

"HARRY! YOUR HOME! DID YOU BRING US NEW FRIENDS?" loud voices screamed throughout the place. Harry only laughed and looked at us.

"That's the boys. C'mon let's meet them." he said and continued to lead the way. I followed behind Harry and Gigi behind me. When we reached the massive living room, I was indeed speechless. Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn were all shirtless and wrestling. Curse my mind for every thought that came to it. 

"Aaaahhhhhhh!" a girlish scream came from them and of course it was Louis. He stood up, covered himself and ran off. I couldn't help but laugh as the others stopped in their tracks.

"Umm....we can explain..." Zayn said and stood up. Niall and Liam did the same, clearly embarrassed. 

"NIALL STARTED IT." Liam stated and ran off in the same direction Louis did. Gigi and I continued to laugh our heads off.

"I DID NOT! ZAYN DID! ZAYN STOLE MY FOOD, THEN I TOOK LIAM'S STRAIGHTENER, THEN HE TOOK LOUIS' UGGS." Niall explained, acting out the whole thing. At this point, Harry is laughing with us as well.

"How did you guys lose your shirts then?" Harry asked.

Niall and Zayn shrug, looking at each other.

"They just came off naturally." Zayn said and rubbed the back of his head.

Harry turned to us when our laughing died down. 

"Sorry about all this. This is Niall and Zayn." he said and stood to the side. 

"Hi, I'm Elle Fosters and this is my friend-"

"Gigi. Gigi Sanchez." she said and extended her hand. Each boy shook i with a smile.

"So which of you is the winner?" Niall asked, folding his arms over his chest.

"Elle is. She's the girl I told you about. I saved her baby sister." Harry said with a smile. Baby sister? He thinks Reagan's my baby sister? Well, I guess it's ok.

"She looks like a Tumbler girl!" Niall said and looked closely at my face. I blushed and looked away. 

"Harry loves Tumbler girls!" Zayn said and pulled on Niall's arm. 

"Dats vas happenin'!" he laughed and went on with Niall in the same direction the others went. 

"You guys always go in one direction?" I asked Harry and he laughed.

"No, our rooms are that way. Their probably going to go change for dinner.

Dinner? Dinner sounded very good right now.  

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