Beautiful D i s a s t e r

Scarlett Elouise "Elle" Fosters is your regular everyday 16 year old girl. She has your normal everyday dreams. To fall in love, get married, and have a family. Those will just have to wait however. At the young age of 13, her mother and father both abandoned her and her two younger brothers, Dusty and Reef. Ever since she has been fighting to keep them together, her only source of money being her uncle. He gives them $500 a month but that always goes towards the boys. Oh hold on, she also has a one year old baby girl, but that was due to the fact that she was raped. She has all the good grades, the looks, and the good attitude. Everyone in the school looks up to her as an idol, not knowing of what happens behind the scenes. Behind locked doors and closed screens, she's been to juvy 21 times, charged for stealing 45 times and breaking and entering 12 times. Can a simple curly headed singer change her life?


9. Flirting and Dinner (PT TWO)

The lights in the restaurant were dimmed and people in suites and ties accompanied every table. I looked at what the guys wore then at what I and Gigi wore. I bite my lip, a nervous habit I had since I was young, regretting on not taking Gigi's advice and wearing a fancy dress. I looked down at the ground while Zayn and Liam were arranging for our table. Thoughts filled my head about the kind of people who ate here. Rich people. Fancy people. Both of which I did not fit in with. I was your everyday common crook with the luck of not getting caught. 

"Look at that girl. She looks like she just got off of work at McDonald's." An older man said and scoffed out. 

"She looks like one of those people who stand on the corner of a street at night. I mean for Heaven's sake! Her parents didn't do to good of a job raising her!" A woman said to what looked like her grand children who then in turn looked at me and giggled. 

I tried to shake myself from their words. They don't know you. It's okay. Remember why you're here. You're not here for them, you're here for- 

"Elle? Elle are you okay?" Harry's voice brought me back. I blinked and looked at him, a soft smile forming on my lips. I looked pass him and saw that everyone else had already gone to the table while I was still standing by the entrance. I felt a little bit silly still standing there in my same ole trance like state. I looked at him and gave him a smile. 

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just a bit caught up in the lights." I spoke softly and pointed to how elegant the crystal like fixtures were. His green eyes shifted to the lights and he let out short laugh. 

"They are pretty. I'm surprised that you've never seen anything like it before. I mean, you seem like the type of girl that always comes out to these kind of places." He said as his gaze fixed back on me. I gave him a soft, faint smile before walking over to the table. 

"Not everything is as it seems, Styles." I told him behind my back. 

When I reached the table, everyone looked at me and let out big toothy grins. 

"It's about time you came over." Gigi giggled. 

"I thought you were thinking about stealing those lights, the way you were looking at them." Niall joked. 

I took in a sharp breath and nodded, letting out an off pitched giggle. "Yeah, stealing." 

I took the only seat left by Harry and looked at the menu. The choices were Coming from ,Chef Boyardee to Smoked potato gnocchi, crispy sweetbreads, Maitake mushrooms, and pancetta cream, is like a whole new language. 

  I studied the menu, imagining all the meals as what they sounded like. A giggle would escape my lips every now and then, causing a few glances my way. I ignored them for the most part but felt someone almost hovering over me. 

"May I help you?" I asked the curls beside my ear. 

"What's so funny? Did you get a different menu then the rest of us?" He asked. 

"If you did, I want the same thing. You seem like you're having the time of your life." Zayn added. 

"No, it's the same exact menu, just with a different person reading it. You guys might be used to these names for food. But for me, the most extravagant thing I've eaten is Chef Boyardee. The way I see these things, they just seem like so funny. Like this Tartare of Black Angus Beef. I picture it as a bunch of fish eggs and tar mushed together with beef. Why would I pay $40 for that?" I explained and did so with half the menu. Zayn and Harry soon joined in, making extravagant works with the added voices of Niall, Louis, Liam, and Gigi.  When it came time to order, we all decided to order the most outrageous sounding item and whoever doesn't eat their food pays the bill.

Everything was going great. My food turned out to be Salmon with a herb and cheese stuffing and a nice breaded crust with mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. Liam got a small steak with artichokes. Niall got fish eggs with goat tongue. Zayn got Cheesy Potato soup with cow tongue on the side. Harry got a salad with mushrooms, onions, blue cheese, and chicken. Louis got the same thing as Harry. Gigi ended up ordering dessert which was a flour less cake with whipped goat milk creme and butter pecans on top which sort of made it look like a mini wedding cake. 

Regardless of the food, Louis and Harry ended up splitting the bill with Niall leaving the tip.

During dinner Gigi and I were able to find out more about the boys personal life than what we knew. Actually, I found out a lot about Harry. While everyone was cracking jokes and making fun of all the older, fancy people, Harry and I would lean over to each other and talk. We'd talk about things like when we were younger, about our parents, and recently. It was interesting until Louis pointed out that we weren't participating.

I stuck my tongue out at him and laughed when he threw a piece of chicken at me that was left from his salad.

"So we were on the tour bus and Liam is in one of his moods were he feels like being a trouble maker." Zayn says with a big smirk on his face and a knowing look at Liam. Liam's eyes widened and his eyes grew big. 

"No, Zayn! Not this story!" Liam almost begged him. Zayn shook his head and kept talking. 

"I'm in my little bunk thing" he begins again and shows us with his arm and hands how big his bed on the bus is, " and all the other boys are in the T.V. room. It's all nice and peaceful. I'm sketching and I can hear the faint noise of the T.V. in the background. Next thing I know, Liam's busting in the room with whipped cream on his banana sundae and throws it at me. Ice cream, chocolate fudge, cherries, the whole shebang lands on me. He laughs and runs and then I'm sprinting after him and slip on some ice cream and catch his pants, bringing them down with me. He's wearing Strawberry Shortcake boxers."

With that, everyone at the table starts to laugh while Liam hides his face then points out the time Zayn screamed like a girl because he couldn't find the right toilet paper brand. That started the "Most Embarrassing Games". The "Games" lasted for a good while until Gigi declared that all of them equally had very embarrassing times. They all looked at me and I agreed with her. 

"I think it's time to go." I mumbled and looked at the number of people left in the restaurant, which just so happened to be us. 

"Yeah, I think she's right." Harry said. 

"Excuse me. She has a name. Remember?" I looked at him and raised a brow.  

"Oh, yeah. What was it? Lela? Lana? Della?" he questioned and gave me a smirk. 

"Whatever, Styles!" I shouted and felt the faint vibration of my phone. I opened my small purse and felt around for my phone. I grabbed it and checked the screen to find my Uncle's name on it. I pressed the green button and slipped the phone by my ear.

"Hello? Dusty? Hey, sweetie. Yeah I know. Are you having fun? You are? I'm glad. No, I'm at dinner. With Gigi and some guys. Yes, Dusty I know. I know. Okay I will. Oh you are? Do you want me to sing to you? Alright, go get in bed and tell me when you're in." I smiled into the receiver and felt a tap on my shoulder. With the tap came our departure from the restaurant and to the awaiting cars. 


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