Beautiful D i s a s t e r

Scarlett Elouise "Elle" Fosters is your regular everyday 16 year old girl. She has your normal everyday dreams. To fall in love, get married, and have a family. Those will just have to wait however. At the young age of 13, her mother and father both abandoned her and her two younger brothers, Dusty and Reef. Ever since she has been fighting to keep them together, her only source of money being her uncle. He gives them $500 a month but that always goes towards the boys. Oh hold on, she also has a one year old baby girl, but that was due to the fact that she was raped. She has all the good grades, the looks, and the good attitude. Everyone in the school looks up to her as an idol, not knowing of what happens behind the scenes. Behind locked doors and closed screens, she's been to juvy 21 times, charged for stealing 45 times and breaking and entering 12 times. Can a simple curly headed singer change her life?


8. Flirting and Dinner (PT ONE)

Harry showed us to the living room. It was painted a nice cream color with pictures of flowers, trees, and other nature things. The light source was a chandelier. I have never seen a real chandelier in my life, so this being the first time seeing the gleam from the shiny objects, I wanted to take one. My eyes wandered around the place at all the valuable items I could pawn off. In my head, I was checking off everything I could take. 

"Elle?" I heard Harry's voice call me back to the present. I blinked my gray eyes and looked up to see green. Then a smile. A smile that only caused you to smile. His curls bounced a bit when he moved. I smiled back at him.

"Yeah? Sorry, I got distracted." I saw Gigi sitting in a rather comfy looking recliner.

"Do you want to sit down?" he asked and patted a spot next to him on the love seat. My cheeks heated and I looked down at the couch. It was a light red, almost pink colored couch. I didn't want to be rude, so I sat down beside him. 

"So, Elle, tell me about yourself." he asked and moved so he was facing me. I sat back into the couch and let out a small sigh followed by a smile. 

"Well, what do you want to know?"

"How about, anything?" he chuckled out and did his famous hair flip. I watched as he did, a bit mesmerized before snapping back into reality.

I placed a hand on my chin and tapped it, thinking of what to tell him.

"Well, you know my name. Elle Fosters. I'm 16 years old. My birthday is February 14th. I have two brothers, Dusty and Reed." I trailed off after mentioning my brothers. I looked over at Harry who seems to be processing what I just said. 

"Love child! That's nice. Our birthdays are close too. Mine's February 1st." the corner of his lips rose into a smirk. I nodded and crossed my legs. 

"That's awesome." I said and ran a hand through my hair. I looked down at Gigi who was smiling big at her phone. Her fingers ran across the screen rapidly. I went back to looking at all the valuables I could take. Rolex watch, high dollar cologne, and even necklaces. I heard a mumble and looked over at Harry. He was staring at me. I felt my cheeks light up yet again. I didn't want to stare back so I turned my head back to Gigi. I didn't know how long he had been watching me. Maybe he was looking at something else. I decided to take another peek. I mean what harm would it do? This time he caught me. 

I heard his deep chuckle emerge as he rested his arm behind me.

"Aw. That was cute." he said and I could feel his fingers graze against the bare skin of my shoulders. I smiled and decided to show him that he didn't intimidate me. I leaned back all the way on the couch so his hand was resting on my shoulder. I saw his eyes go into a bit of a shock then return to normal.

"I noticed you like John Mayer too." he mentioned and threaded his fingers in the opening of my shirt.  I bit my lip a bit and nodded.

"Yeah, he's pretty cool." I played it cool. Harry only kept playing with my shirt, eventually he had a few strands of my hair between his fingers. I didn't question it, just let it happen. It was kind of weird to not hear Gigi talking. I glanced over and saw that she was asleep. Asleep. I guess the excitement tired her out. 

"I'm surprised she's asleep." Harry's hot breath hit the back of my neck. I felt his body press against mine. I tried not to die at that moment. 

"I guess after all the excitement today, she got tuckered out." I said and looked up at him. He smiled and leaned back against the couch. He went back to playing with strands of my hair

"TIME TO EAT!" Niall's voice ventured throughout the place. All at once, the rest of the boys came into the living room. Harry and I didn't have any time to fix our current position. I was sort of leaning on him so he could play with all of my hair. We were talking about everything and anything random. We were laughing and having a good time. When the boys entered, we weren't prepared at all.

"Umm...." Harry blabbed out. I felt his hands stop working on my hair. I blushed so hard, I might have turned a new shade of red. I looked at the floor and sat up immediately. Since I was leaning on Harry before I leaned up, my head tilted back with his fingers still in my hair. 

"Ow! Hair!" I whimpered out. Harry immediately let go and apologized. 

"How cute! Harry likes the contest winner!" Louis said and came over to us, examining my face. He tilted my head up so our eyes met. I bit the inside of my mouth as he did. I saw lines form at the ends of his eyes, his bright blue eyes forming into very happy ones like a child who just got the toy he's always wanted.

"I approve!" he said and looked at Harry. The rest of the boys did the same and chuckled, elbowing Harry. I kept my eyes on the floor as I bit my lip.

"She's a lip biter! Sexy sexy!" Louis shouted out. 

"Quite it, Louis! Gosh..." Harry let out with a loud groan. He sounded a bit annoyed. In all honesty, I felt kind of bad. 

"We were just hanging out. Just cus we hang out doesn't mean we're together. Your being as bad as the paps." Harry said a bit sternly. I felt the couch shift in weight and knew it was him getting up. I looked up and saw a large hand stretched out to me. It didn't belong to Harry though. This hand was different. It was a bit larger with a soft touch and glow to it. I looked up to see it was Liam. He wore a bright smile. 

"C'mon, Elle. Let's wake your friend and go out to eat. Sound good?" he asked in a calm voice. I smiled and nodded, taking his hand. He pulled me up in one swift movement. I was a bit surprised and squeaked. I felt every eye on me. 

"S-sorry...." I mumbled out and looked at them all. It was dead silence before Niall broke out into his well known laughter. I smiled a bit and felt Liam let my hand go. He woke up Gigi who was a bit groggily. 

"Everyone ready?" Zayn asked and grabbed his coat. Louis, Liam, Niall, and Gigi followed suite. I rubbed my shoulders to make them a tad bit warmer. 

"Yeah! Let's go!" Niall said and ran to the elevator, pressing the button fast like a kid. We all followed behind him and waited. The boys asking multiple questions and telling us so many stories. We had to exit from the back due to the paps waiting down below. They often switched the cars they rode in so it would be hard to tell which car the boys were in. Tonight we were riding in a nice black Yukon XL. I sat between Harry and Louis, Niall and Liam sitting by Gigi and Zayn. 

The whole ride to the restaurant, Gigi and I got to find out many new things about the boys that we didn't know. During the ride, Harry had put his arm around the seat, draping his hand over my shoulder yet again. No one said a thing about it though which surprised me in all honesty. 

"WE'RE HERE!" Niall said with a proud smile. I looked at the restaurant. It looked so fancy and this was just the outside. On the outside, a large florescent sign hung. It was a plain bright white color and written in cursive it read, 'Acquerello'. I've heard of this restaurant in magazines and from the rich kids at school. I couldn't believe I was actually going to eat at a place like this. This night only seemed to get better.  

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