Beautiful D i s a s t e r

Scarlett Elouise "Elle" Fosters is your regular everyday 16 year old girl. She has your normal everyday dreams. To fall in love, get married, and have a family. Those will just have to wait however. At the young age of 13, her mother and father both abandoned her and her two younger brothers, Dusty and Reef. Ever since she has been fighting to keep them together, her only source of money being her uncle. He gives them $500 a month but that always goes towards the boys. Oh hold on, she also has a one year old baby girl, but that was due to the fact that she was raped. She has all the good grades, the looks, and the good attitude. Everyone in the school looks up to her as an idol, not knowing of what happens behind the scenes. Behind locked doors and closed screens, she's been to juvy 21 times, charged for stealing 45 times and breaking and entering 12 times. Can a simple curly headed singer change her life?


1. Back story: Elle

~Flashback One Year~

The night time was terrifying to most people but not me. The night time was when I did my so called "job". 

I was a thief to put it simply. I stole only what I needed to though. I've never really killed anyone either. I only do whats necessary for my family to survive. 

"Damn it." I breathed out when the door knob on the still and quiet house didn't budge. My gray eyes scanned the cold ground, looking for something to break the knob off with. The family who lived in the house went out for pizza or whatever. My robberies were always planned though, never just by random. 

"There." I whispered as a small fog escaped my mouth. I reached down to pick up the rusted crow bar. It was kinda heavy but still better than my hands. I took a breath and positioned the crow bar nice and steady. I counted down from three and with all the force I had, smashed the door knob off. When it fell to the ground I pushed my way through and saw I was in the kitchen. 

"Perfect." I said with a small smile playing on my lips. I dropped the crow bar on the tiled floor and started my rampage. I left things how they were every time, never misplacing a single thing. This was like my signature. I grabbed the essentials, toothpaste, deodorant, food, and some toys. I looked at the garbage bag I had brought with me and smiled. I looked like the female version of Santa Clause. 

"This should do it." I smiled and made my way out of the house, kicking the crow bar outside and closing the door behind me. I honestly felt bad for the family but it wasn't like I was stealing their personal belongings. Just stuff I needed. The walk back to the apartment was a long and cold one with lots of thinking involved. I had a science paper due in the morning, Dusty had Show-and-Tell, Reef was going on a field trip, and I had to go to the doctor. I let out a well deserved sigh as I made it to the wooden door. 

"I'm home!" I announced as I set down the huge bag. I ran a hand through my blonde hair. I looked around the small apartment and heard no response. I walked through the confided hallway with ease. Then I saw it, a pair of bright blue eyes were peering at me from around the corner. A smile immediately plastered on my face as I looked at the eyes.

"Oh I wonder where Dusty is." I dragged out and placed my arms behind my back, casually strolling down the hall. I heard his giggles fill the small apartment as I turned the corner. My hands sprawled out to grab him by his sides, tickling him in an instant. Laughter filled the place as we had a tickle fight, names being called, and new insiders being made.

"Hey! Could you two keep it down? I'm trying to read." my other brother ,Reef, was peering out of his room. He had piercing blue and green mixed eyes, his hair brunette waves, and his body pretty built for a 13 year old. He was the talk among most girls older and younger than him. Dusty and I stopped our little fight, looking at Reef.

"What are you reading?" Dusty asked with his head tilted to the side. Dusty was only in the first grade, his hair a light brown color and his eyes a mix of gray and blue. Reef only held up the current magazine and smiled. It was one of mine. My best friend Gigi gave it to me the other day. She told me it was of the latest One Direction news. One Direction was my favorite band at the time. I was introduced to their music through the radio I rarely heard. I only got to listen to the radio when our neighbors did. That's besides the point though. 

"Is it good?" I asked Reef who went back to reading. He only nodded, giving me the thumbs up as he flipped through the pages. I smiled a bit and stood up, helping Dusty up as well.

"Did ya'll eat?" I asked. Reef and Dusty only replied with a 'duh'. I rolled my eyes and went back to the door. I grabbed the bag and brought it to the kitchen, setting it by the dinner table. Dusty ran in and started going through the bag, pulling out the toys. 

"Wow! Its Buzz Lightyear!" he exclaimed and hugged the toy. My eyes softened as he did so. Stealing may be wrong but seeing his face light up made it seem so right. 

"You can take him to Show-and-Tell tomorrow." I told him as I put my hair up and grabbed a coke from the fridge. He only responded with an 'Oh I am!' I laughed to myself and felt the sharp pain in my stomach. I held the coke can tight, my eyes squinting in pain. I had never felt such pain in my life since our parents abandoned us. Our dad was a drunkard high school drop out. Our mom was an inspiring model until she met him. I remember their faces like the back of my hand. My mom was pretty fair height wise, her skin was a nice tan color, her eyes a beautiful gray color. Her hair was long and blond. Everything about her screamed petite. Even her name, Anastasia. I truly loved my mom. She was the only one who protected us. Every night, my dad would come home wasted, blabbing on about how miserable and screwed up our family was. Every time he spoke it seemed like he was mad at the world. I always tried to make him feel better which never really worked. It always ended up with him beating me. He always told me it was my fault. Because I was smarter than him. Because I always showed him up. The beatings always varied. Sometimes they'd last for hours, sometimes it was a quick one. Beatings were never with the same item. Sometimes it was a belt, sometimes a metal rod, and even once it was a cast iron skillet. The beatings were like rituals, always happening like a drug. Constant. He never beat Reef though. I wouldn't let him. When he would yell at Reef, I would counter him and cover Reef. No one deserved the beatings. Not even mom.  She only protected us. She would try and stop him but only on occasion they would be upheld. One faithful day though, they all stopped at once. We were waiting at home, Dusty and Reef already asleep in bed. I had a school project in the morning so I stayed up to finish it. Minutes passed but still a no show. Then hours, and finally days. No sign of our parents anywhere. That day, I decided at the young age of thirteen to take my brothers and leave. They had abandoned us.

"Elle? You okay?" Dusty asked, his eyes full of concern. I managed a painful smile and nodded.

"Yeah kiddo. I'm fine. Now, go to bed. It's late." I said and kissed his forehead. "Okay. Night Elle. Love you." he said and kissed my cheek.

"Reef! Go to bed." I yelled from the kitchen. 

"Night!" he yelled back and all the lights in the apartment turned off. I took a deep breath and made my way to my room, holding my stomach. No one knew but on my last robbery  I got caught by a mugger. I was scared to death but there was nothing I could do. He had a gun to my temple. I pleaded with him, telling him that I'd give him anything to let me go. That night, he took what he wanted and something I'll never get back. 

"I better not be pregnant." I mumbled and crawled into my bed, setting the coke down and kissing my only One Direction poster good night. 

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