I'll always be there

Lexi Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister. When their dad died of cancer and mom an alcoholic. Louis left Lexi to go on tour. Lexi is all alone and finds out Someone is watching her. Will she leave to go find the boys? And does she develop a crush on one of the boys or will she stay with her syco boyfriend?


2. Meeting the guys

I woke up one morning with the beautiful summer sun shining in my eyes. I have super curly,long,dark brown hair with bright blue eyes. I knew my hair would be a mess like it is every other morning. So I got up,dragged my feet across the room and slipped them into my baby blue slippers, they were so comfy. I grabbed my favorite purple shirt and dark Bly skinny jeans and went into my very own bathroom. I quickly showered and brushed through my thick hair and got dressed. I walked downstairs to find my big brother Louis and the rest of his boy band. There was Harry who threw me a cheeky smile, Niall the blonde and only Irish one in the band,Zayn who was constantly checking his hair,Liam who was challenging Niall to an eating competition and of course Louis my brother, the crazy one. I saw Harry smiling at me with that cheeky smile of his, so of course I smiled back. I think by then everyone noticed I was there and started saying hi. "Hello my darling little sister." Said Louis. "Good morning everyone." I replied with my stomach growling. "Are you hungry love?" Said Liam. "Very." I said with a smile @thats how I feel every minute!" Niall shouted "jealous?" He said to me winking oh that wink. "Now why would I be jealous of you?" I replied In a suspicious tone. "Because I can eat more than a bear!" He stated. "Well I'm going to go eat some eggs for breakfast." I said walking towards the kitchen.
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