I'll always be there

Lexi Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister. When their dad died of cancer and mom an alcoholic. Louis left Lexi to go on tour. Lexi is all alone and finds out Someone is watching her. Will she leave to go find the boys? And does she develop a crush on one of the boys or will she stay with her syco boyfriend?


3. Matt

I finished eating my eggs when I heard the door to the kitchen open. I turned around and saw Louis. "Hey Lou!" I said. "Hey lex! Um listen the guys and I have to go to our concert in Chicago soon. So you will be here alone for a while. You remember Eleanor and Danielle right? They will be here with you." He told me. "Oh okay. Well when will the girls be here?" "They should be here shortly and you can get to know them abit more." I was abit worried because I had a date with my syco boyfriend later on in the evening. "How long will they be staying I have a date tonight with Matt tonight." He must've walked out when I was talking because when I turned around he wasn't there. I heard the door bell ring and called "I'll get!" As I was running to the door. I slowly opened the door and saw Matt standing there. "Come in." I said with a scared voice."thanks princess." He sated in a sarcastic voice with a scary smirk on his face. "Uh guys?" I stuttered. "You remember Matt right?" All the guys turned their heads at once when they heard that awful name. They all looked at him in disgust. "Matt." They all said at the exact same time.
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