I'll always be there

Lexi Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister. When their dad died of cancer and mom an alcoholic. Louis left Lexi to go on tour. Lexi is all alone and finds out Someone is watching her. Will she leave to go find the boys? And does she develop a crush on one of the boys or will she stay with her syco boyfriend?


4. Bad memories.

Only the guys knew about Matt. He was a crazy person who wouldn't let me leave him I have tried many times to break-up with him but it only caused him to abuse me. I would wake up the next morning with bruises the size of an apple. He keeps a baseball bat in his car that has my name carved into it because he only hits me with it. The guys have tried to stop him but it never worked. I've always secretly had a crush on Zayn but if Matt found that out he would probably hurt him. So that's why I kept it a secret. A couple of years ago he caught me holding hands with some other guy so he took a big chunk out of my arm. People don't know about it and it makes me shutter to think about it when he did that he put on that same smirk and told me to take my clothes off I refused and he shoved me in a small closet for days every night he would come in nock me out and rape me. And whenever he was finished he would scrape some skin off my arm , this went on for a week. I was surprised when I never got pregnant he told me on the last day that he wore a condom when he did it so he could do it forever. But the next time I disobeyed him he said he wouldn't wear one. So from that day forward I would obey his every word and that's part of the reason why I can't leave him or else he would find me. "Hello boys" Matt said looking abit suspicious. Louis pulled me aside into the kitchen. "He is going to do something bad to you." "No he isn't,trust me." I said hoping he was wrong. "I don't know if we should still go." He said to me looking worried. "Go on you trip and have fun,I'll be fine." I said with a tone of annoyance. "No we have to stay the boys didn't want To go anyway." He said. "Okay fine." I whined.
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