Union and Unite

Elizabeth (Ellie) is new to Ireland. She lives with Emma Horan, cousin of famous boy band member Niall Horan. What happens when Ellie and Niall meet? Read my movella, Union and Unite, for more details, interruptions, conversations, accusations, and deaths. Or births. go ahead! Press that read button!!


4. Tears of Joy


It is hard for me to explain but I try any way. I start out by explaining how I never really listen to One Direction songs but I have heard One Thing enough to know the words. I also explained that when he opened up his mouth his mouth to sing I was wondering what he sounded like in person.

As soon as he sang the first word my heart snapped. I instantly started falling for him but I didn’t know that yet. He smiled and wiped away my tears then continued driving down the street. I thought about the lyrics to the song. I realized that it fit perfectly into this situation with us. I smiled at the thought and decided that when we got home that I would look up their album and listen to all of their songs hopefully finding more that would make me cry.

After driving about 10 minutes we finally pulled into the driveway to Emma and my house. We get out and he grabs Emma while I unlock the door.

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