Union and Unite

Elizabeth (Ellie) is new to Ireland. She lives with Emma Horan, cousin of famous boy band member Niall Horan. What happens when Ellie and Niall meet? Read my movella, Union and Unite, for more details, interruptions, conversations, accusations, and deaths. Or births. go ahead! Press that read button!!


11. Sleep Time!


We all look at each other and wonder what that thing with Harry was all about.

Louis- “Well that was weird.”

Zayn- “You can say that again mate.”

Liam- “Well hello Ellie. It is very nice to meet you.”

Ellie- “You too Liam.” I say with a warming smile on my face.

Niall protectively puts his arm around my shoulders and I can tell that he didn’t like that I smiled at Liam.

Ellie- “So… why did you lads decide to come over to little old Mullingar?” I ask politely.

Zayn –“We decided to come visit Niall’s hometown again. We have only been here a few times.”

Louis- “Yeah and we were already missing our little Irish buddy. WE didn’t expect him to have found a secret little lady to replace us.”

Liam- “Louis! Be nice. I think it’s good that he found a girl. Especially a pretty one like you.”

I giggle a little bit then answer back, “Thanks Liam! It’s okay Louis I won’t replace you. I promise.”

Zayn- “I think it’s cool that you’re American. You are starting to get a noticeable accent that is cool too!” I laugh and Louis smiles.

Louis- “Sorry I seemed rude. You seem nice.”

Niall- “So now that you guys have complemented her we should watch a movie.”


After the movie is over I start yawning.

Ellie- “Well, I’m so tired. I’m going to bed. You guys can spend the night if you want.”

Niall- “Let me help you to your room. I have to talk to you.” He says as he picks me up and carries me to my room.

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