Union and Unite

Elizabeth (Ellie) is new to Ireland. She lives with Emma Horan, cousin of famous boy band member Niall Horan. What happens when Ellie and Niall meet? Read my movella, Union and Unite, for more details, interruptions, conversations, accusations, and deaths. Or births. go ahead! Press that read button!!


12. Private Conversations


When we get to my room Niall closes my door.

Niall- “Sorry they showed up out of nowhere. I had no idea that they were going to come here.”

Ellie- “It’s totally fine. I don’t mind a little extra company!”

Niall-“Well just tell me if they are annoying you and I’ll send them to a hotel or something.”

Ellie-“No really they’re fine here. I swear.”

Niall-“Okay. I don’t ever want to leave Mullingar now because I am afraid of losing you, and never seeing you again. That would just make me so sad.”

Ellie-“Well, I am going to move to London to go to uni soon after the summer is officially over.  I’ll be able to see you until you go on tour with the boys. I can’t imagine leaving you either. I just can’t.”

Niall smiles and we can hear Liam shout something about his box being bigger than ours. Whatever that means. We both laugh.

Niall-“Well I am glad he got that out of his system. And please don’t ever leave me. I know that we are moving very quickly. It’ll slow down tomorrow but I just want to enjoy you while I have you. All my relationships have been short. Especially the non-existent one with Demi.” He cracks a goofy smile that makes me laugh.

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