Union and Unite

Elizabeth (Ellie) is new to Ireland. She lives with Emma Horan, cousin of famous boy band member Niall Horan. What happens when Ellie and Niall meet? Read my movella, Union and Unite, for more details, interruptions, conversations, accusations, and deaths. Or births. go ahead! Press that read button!!


17. Flash Backs and a Car Crash


Sorry and I hate these things, but I have to say something really important really quickly. I just want to tell you that I don't want anyone to take offense in the beginning of this chapter. It may be a little brutal for some of us. I know. Believe me. My mom had breast cancer and I was a little nervous about posting this but I know I had to do it. So I am very sorry for those of you it makes upset. I really am.


Flash Back - 3 Years:


"Why does it matter what I say? It's not like you listen or care any way?" I shout at my 'Mom', "So why, all of a sudden do you care and want to listen huh? You didn't care that I took care of my brothers for weeks on end after all your surgeries! You didn't ever care! You didn't even tell me that you had to freaking get your bloody boobs cut out because of your stupid breast cancer until you were telling a complete stranger, that you just met! So why, Mom, do you suddenly care now?"

"Cut! That was awesome Ellie!" says our school drama teacher after I finish rehearsing my scene for the day, "You had such emotion and you were passionate, almost as if your mother truely went through that in real life!"

"Yeah, well, I guess that's a good thing." I yell back as I walk out the door to meet my Mom. Her and my Dad always pick me up on Thursdays after play practice.

"How's your senior year play going Miss Play Pants?" My Dad asks as soon as I climb in the backseat and shut the door.

"Great! We have all our lines memorized and are only working on lighting and prop management." I tell him excitedly.

"Good job honey," my Mom says. I barely have time to say "Thanks Mom' before something really unpredictable happens. A big semi-truck runs smack into my Dads car immediately smashing in the front of our car, lighting it on fire.

Going in and out of a daze, black as night, I hear my Dad crying and know, with great sorrow that my Mom is dead but my Dad and I still live. I think fast and shout to my Dad that we must get out.

I throw open my door and practically run out of the car, but my Dad is taking longer. I run back to see what happened when the car blows up shooting me back across the street, unconscious and parentless.

I wake up in the hospital 2 days later confused and thinking my parents were still alive. When I was told what happened. I cried for weeks, wishing I had died too so I could be with them, blaming myself because I just had to be in that stupid school play and diagnosed, 2 weeks later, with a strong -yet mild- case of PTSD, having to take meds for 5 years or until it stopped.

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