Ashley and her dad Lucas moved from London when she was about 10, Ashley had the most amazing bestfriend before she left London. His name? Niall Horan. Then she moved to America where she met Alisha her current bestfriend. As Ashley and her father plan on moving back it doesnt even hit her that her bestfriend from London was a memeber of on of the biggest boy bands in the world. What happens when she gets back and regains contact with him? Find out when you read:) Hope you enjoy it!


3. The Hotel / Sleep Over / Love

(Niall's POV)

We sat in the car on the way to the hotel, i looked over at Ashley. She was so pretty, the way her long brown hair blended quite nicely with the color of her skin. Her big green eyes reminded me of when we were little and she left. I absoulutley missed her, Every moment she was gone the older i got the more i missed her..I dont have the guts to tell her how i still feel about her, now shes older and prettier which even if she wasnt it wouldnt have bothered me, but I think...I think im in love with her. I moved my hand slowly over to her and locked our fingers together. She didnt seem to mind, and it made me smile. When I realized she saw i was smiling i blushed really bad. She giggled. God she was amazing and i needed her, but she wouldnt go for a famous freak like me.

We pulled up to the hotel and me and Ashley got out still holding hand , her dad just laughed at us. Which of course made me blush."Hey Ash, do you wanna spend the night?" She looked at her dad and he nodded. "Niall just please dont do anything with my daughter and even if you do......(he mumbled the last part)...Use a condom." Ashely laughed and I  blushed. We walked in the hotel and we were still holding hands..we walked up the stairs because Ashley is afraid of elevators. As we walked through the hall way I decide to play around with Ash. I grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall. She just looked at me and laughed. I looked down laughing just because we can..She put her arms on around my neck and stared in my eyes. I leaned in not knowing what the hell i was thinking. I think she got the vib of what i was trying to do and leaned in closin the gap between us. Sparks flew through my body, i never had this happen when i kiss a girl. I pulled away and she blushed. Then i kissed her again.

(Ashley's POV)

I cant believe this Niall Horan of One Direction is kissing me. Sparks flew through my body and i knew i needed Niall in my life more than i needed anybody...except my dad of course. Niall pulled away, I smiled. "I missed you, every night I would dream about you coming back, I would hope that all of the sudden you were back. Ash, I never had the guts to tell you when I was little that i liked you...i like you ALOT." he said to me. "Niall, I begged my dad to stay, I didnt want to leave and nothing i could say or do we left." i said looking at the ground. He pulled my face with to look at him. "Well as long your here with me happy." he said smiling. As we walked the rest of the way to the hotel room. Nialls hands got sweaty, they only do that if hes nervous. "Are you ok?" i asked. "Yea..I just need to go apologize to Zayn..." he said. "Well...hopefully he'll accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes and yours was Perrie..." I said not sure if i sounded jealous or just flat out pissed off. He looked at me and smiled ...My god that smile was the best. I blushed and we reached the door. He slid the card and the door unlocked and we walked in. Zayn walked up to Niall and hugged him. "Im sorry, Its not your fault my ex is suc a slut.."he said laughing. "Yea but i still shouldnt have even texted her.." Niall sounded ashamed. "Yea..well who could blaim you, i mean she is stunning." Zayn said. Niall agreed and i coughed to let him know that irratated me. "Oh guys, this s Ash..."he was cut of my a tall and very serious looking guy.."Hey Ash..i havent seen you in forever!" he said coming to give me a hug. "Liam?"  i asked with a confused look on my face. "Yea..." he was cut off by Naill "How do you know her, Liam?" he asked. "Well i sorta had a thing with her bestfriend...Alisha." he said looking down. "Oh.." Niall said..Then i said hello and introduced myself to the other boys. They were all very friendly. It was getting very late and i asked Niall for some clothes. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his room. I stood there like an idiot just doing nothing. "Here.'' he said handind me a T-shirt,"It'll be like a Nighty on you." he said smiling. I changed into the shirt, yes i changed right infront of Niall..i didnt care if he saw me. Niall changed into his pjs and laid on the bed. I laid down next to him and cuddled him.

(Niall's POV)

As she laid down next to me i started to feel like this was 'Ment to Be'. She cuddled uo next to me i couldnt help myself, i sat up and put my arms on both sides of her, i looked at her my arms were supporting me, i leaned down and kissed her. I felt her hands run up and down my torso feeling my abs. She let my tongue venture her mouth and her hands were now in my hair. I pulled away, which caught her off guard. "Did i do something wrong?" she asked. "No! No, i just...." her lips caught me off. They were warm and soft and oh my god..."I love you." i muffled through our kisses. She stopped. "What?" She asked sitting up. "I....I love you Ashley Denliy." I said looking at her.. she smilied "I love you to Niall Horan."and with that we fell asleep.

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