Ashley and her dad Lucas moved from London when she was about 10, Ashley had the most amazing bestfriend before she left London. His name? Niall Horan. Then she moved to America where she met Alisha her current bestfriend. As Ashley and her father plan on moving back it doesnt even hit her that her bestfriend from London was a memeber of on of the biggest boy bands in the world. What happens when she gets back and regains contact with him? Find out when you read:) Hope you enjoy it!


4. Lost In Love

S(Niall's POV)

I woke up with Ashley cuddle up next to me, it made me smile. I gentley moved her aside and climbed out of bed. I opened the bathroom door to find Harry asleep in the bathtub.
"Uhm lad?"  I said nudging his arm. "What?" Harry said turing to the side. "I have to pee? and im not going while your sleeping in the washtub." I said laughing. Harry stood up and walked to his room.

(Ashley's POV)

I woke up and found Niall wasnt in the bed. I had a slight panic attack and then he came out of the bathroom. "Morning love!" he said smiling at me. He climbed over me and got back under the covers and cuddle next me. "Morning." I said. I sounded really tired and i was. I got up and went to the bathroom myself. When i came out Niall was passed out on the bed. I climbed back in bed and fell asleep to. When I finally woke up again, Niall was watching movie. "What are we going to do today?" i asked  him. "Well i figured we wuld just lay in bed all day and do nothing. Unless you wanna go down stairs and watch movies with the boys and their girls." He said. "Oh my gosh!"i said looking at my phone. It was 4:30."What?!" Niall asked, "Alisha is going to be here in 3 hours!" I said smiling. I leaned over and kissed Niall.

(Niall's POV)

Ashley leaned over and kissed me, it was a regular kiss, until she started...ya know...yea. Lets not go into details. When we got out of bed Ashley went to the bathroom and started to get ready to go get her friend Alisha. When she got out she looked beautiful, her hair was in a messy bun, her makeup was done naturally and she looked great! It was now 6:30 and me and Ashley got into the car and drove to the airport. 

(Alisha's POV)

I had just arrived in London and I was  so excited to see Ashley! I got off the plane and saw her and my jaw dropped and I'm pretty sure was touching the floor. "Ash!" I screamed as I ran to her. " Lish!" she said, as she caught me. We laughed and then asked her why Niall Horan was standing by us. She told me she had to talk to me when I arrived but I never thought it was about Niall l Freaking Horan! Then she told me he was her boyfriend  and I flipped! "What!?" "Why did you tell me!?" I screamed. .

(Ashley' s)

We got to the car and Niall was driving to the house when mine and Lisha' s song came on the radio. "Lisha!" I said smiling at her. " In real life, I'm waking up alone." We sang the song together her the lead. "Seeeeeeem" "kisses know it's always guns be guna be this way!" "This is real life" I sang. Nial l looked at me. I felt my cheeks get real red. " This is real life!" " Realityyyyyyyy and now in real life I'm waking up to kisses champagne and roses." "This is real-life." Lisha sang. "Wow...I didn't know you could sing." Niall said. "yea." I said blushing. "She wants to be on X- factor. Lisha noted.  " Really!?" Niall asked, "yea.." I replied . "That's Amazing!" he nearly screamed. I smiled. We pulled up to the hotel. We walked in and Nial grabbed my hand and we walked into the room.

(Alisha' s POV)We walked in the door and the first person who caught my eye was Liam..he was gorgeous. I knew I had to talk to him, I HAD TO! Ashley showed me my room we were only staying in the hotel one more night so I just kept everything in my bag. I walkedwalked to Ashleys room. "Ash, you have to hook me and Liam up!" I said not realizing Niall was in the room too. He just laughed and so did Ashley. "If it's ment to be Lish he' 'll ask you on a date,let fate be the cause of this,not me.." She said sarcastically and laughed. "I hate you two!" I said laughing. "I'll talk to him" Niall said laughing. "k" I said trying to sound mad. With that I walked into the main room. Liam smiled at me..I knew I blushed big time and he laughed and patted the spot next to him. I went and sat down. "So" he said grabbing my hand and playing with it. I smiled. "So?" I mimicked but as a question. "wanna swim?" I nearly died when he smiled that time.."uh huh" I replied I stood up and went to my room and got on my bathing suit and went to get and Ash and Niall. We all walked down stairs and to the pool room. Liam grabbed my waist and pulled me in with him.

(Liam' s POV)

I knew that I had to get back with this girl..I missed her ever since we had cut our relationship short in America.When we got to the pool room I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her I'm with me. "Holy Shit!" she screamed. Everyone just laughed. "Its freezing!" she said, then I heard Niall say "Guess it your turn" as he grabbed Ashley and jumped in. "Niall I freaking hate you." She said as she shot out of the water. He laughed then they kissed and I looked over to see Alisha just sitting there playing with her fingers. I swam over to her and put my arms around her waist pppulling her forward and we just stood there, So I started a conversation "soooo,tell me what is on your mind." I said "Nothing...I just like you..I "fancy" you." She said mimicking us British people. I smiled "well I like you too" I said and she smiled. "Awwwe look Niall they like each other!" Ashley said jumping up and down. Alisha got out of my arms and walked up the stairs and Ashley went with her, I looked over at Niall and he nodded we swam out of the pool and grabbed the girls and threw them into the pool. We all laughed and then Niall and Ashley kissed, and I looked at Alisha....She was playing with her fingers again. I grabbed her cheeks with my hand and kissed her. I would've said we were ALL lost in love

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