Ashley and her dad Lucas moved from London when she was about 10, Ashley had the most amazing bestfriend before she left London. His name? Niall Horan. Then she moved to America where she met Alisha her current bestfriend. As Ashley and her father plan on moving back it doesnt even hit her that her bestfriend from London was a memeber of on of the biggest boy bands in the world. What happens when she gets back and regains contact with him? Find out when you read:) Hope you enjoy it!


1. Leaving America

(Ashley's POV)""'

"Oh my god!" I yelled as I sat on the edge of my bed. "What is your problem, Ashley?" Alisha said. Alisha is my bestfriend, has been since I moved to America and now that I am leaving im not going to have her anymore. "I hate my dads job, why are they making us move?" I said still sitting there. "Well, I dont know the answer to that but atleast you'll get to meet lots of british guys." she said smiling. Then it hit me, I had forgotten about Niall. I wonder how he is doing? I wonder if he ever pursued his life dream of being a famous singer? I wonder if his charm and dashing good looks got even better? I woner if he even remembers me? "Ash?" she said nudging my arm. "Al im going to miss you so much!" I said looking at her and starting to cry. "Come on now you big baby, dont cry it will only make me cry. Hey look at the brighter side I'll get to come with you when schools over my mom agreed to it last night, said i could live with you all summer." she said standing up. I looked at her and smiled. "Really!?" I said nearly screaming? "Duh!" we both laughed and then she went home. She is actually very pretty, im quite jealous of her. She has long blonde hair and big blue eyes and the perfect body. She was a soccer player a 'grass fairey' her brother called it. She was my bestfriend and I was going to miss her ALOT.

The time came when I finished packing and my dad heped me load the rest of our stuff in the car. As he pulled out of our drive way, I saw the chalk drawing me and Alisha made when I first moved here. "DAD!" I yelled. "What Ashley?" he replied. "Stop!" I yelled. He stopped the car and I ran back to our old drive way and took a picture of the drawing, I guess Lisha saw me because she then came running outside crying. We stood there hugging for about 3 minutes when my dad told me we were going to miss our flight if I didnt hurry up. Me and Alisha quit hugging and we took one last picture together. "ASHLEY!" my dad yelled from the car. I hugged my bestfriend one last time and then I ran back to the car and we drove to the airport. frfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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