You Suddenly Want Me (A One Direction Fanfiction)

Jordan and Louis have been best friends for as long as anyone can remember, no more, no less. They were the inseparable, the two that everyone predicted would end up together, everyone thought they were made for each other, and possibly they were. However, they've always laughed at the idea of them getting married, but will that future slowly become closer and clearer to them? The boys are finally on break from the long tour which means more time together for Louis and Jordan, and also Jordan and the rest of the boys. What happens when Jordan meets Harry and falls head over heals for him? Will she drop Louis and stick to Harry's side? Or will she forget her feelings for Harry and stay with the one she truly loves? But what if she loves Harry as well? How will she choose? Why is it so suddenly Louis wants her?


1. Home Sweet Home

Chapter 1

"Louis!" I screech across the airport where my best friend is walking out from the gate.

I run towards him, my arms spread out, a ear to ear grin on my face, and eyes sparkling with tears of happiness. He sees me and starts to run towards me like one of those dramatic movies with his big white, toothy grin and arms stretched out as well. My best friend was finally home after 3 months on tour.

~15 years earlier~

"Bye mummy!" I say as I get on the big, scary yellow bus for the first day of kindergarten.

"Bye honey! Stay safe! Have fun!" I hear her yell back as the doors shut at the front of the bus.

I have my new purple backpack on filled with supplies for school, an excited smile on my face, and my head held high in confidence. I take look around the bus that is stuffed with kids while looking for a spot to sit. I continue to walk seeing as that all of the seats are filled and find myself at the back of the bus. The only seats that are open are way back here where the scary big kids are. Great, just great. As I approach them I see a boy around my age, getting picked on by some older bullies.

I gather up all of my bravery and yell, "Hey! Stop it!"

All heads turn my way, including the little boy around my age. I notice that his eyes are sparkling with tears as he is curled up in the corner of his seat, obviously trying to get away from the bullies.

"Or what?" Says the biggest boy while standing up and peering over me.

I didn't know what to do. I was practically paralyzed with fear from the towering figure standing over me. So, I did the only thing that came to my mind, kicked him. Hard. I guess I ended up kicking higher than expected because it got right up to a spot in between his legs and he covers that area and bends down in pain.

I smile, proud of myself, and sit down next to the boy. "Hi, I'm Jordan. What's your name?" I ask as the boy just sits there smiling at me.

He didn't respond. What was wrong with him? Why wasn't he responding? Soon enough, the boy pulled me into a tight hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! And Louis, but you can call me Lewis!" He says happily into my ear.

"I like Louis better." I state. "Can I call you that?"

He nods "Yeah, sure, anything!"

~Present day~

Louis pulls me into a huge hug. "I missed you so much, Jordan!" He yells into my ear, pretty much deafening me, but I'm used to it with his loudness.

"I missed you too Boobear!" I yell back, we can both be pretty loud.

He pulls back about a foot and looks all over my body, taking in my appearance - but not checking me out, that'd be weird! I have black, curly hair with bright blue eyes and pale skin. Anyways, Lou and I are like brother and sister! Don't get me wrong, I have defiantly had a crush on him when we were younger, and I think he has too but that'd be too weird. We both know that we are too close to risk our friendship with a relationship.

"You look so different!" He states.

"Good different or bad different?" I ask.

"Good different! Defiantly good different!" He pulls me into another one of his bone crushing hugs.

"Louis! I can't breathe!" I exclaim laughing.

He pulls away. "Sorry! Anyways," he moves out of the way to reveal the rest of the number one boy band in the world, and I might add, they are attractive! "Here's Harry, or you can call him Hazza." He says gesturing towards a curly haired boy with probably the cutest dimples I have ever layed my eyes on. Next, he gestures towards a tall, tan boy with black hair and deep brown eyes. "Here's Zayn. And Niall." He points to a blonde one, also as Louis has said on Skype "the Irish one". Lou has talked about the boys, I have just never met them until now. Anyways Niall is once again very attractive. But he also just looks adorable, I just wanna hug him! "And lastly, Liam." He gestures towards another boy with a shaved head, still very attractive though, and brown eyes. Oh! And he looks like he would have the body of a sex god, just saying.

"Hi guys! I'm Jordan." I say with a small, kind of awkward wave, not exactly sure if I should hug them or what.

My question was answered by Harry walking up and giving me a hug with a "Hi." as do all the other boys. I might add, Harry's deep, slow voice is very, very sexy.

"So should we get going?" I ask.

They all nod their heads as we shuffle out of the airport. The second we open the door outside we are greeted by hundreds of girls screaming their heads off.

"We're going to say hi and sign some autographs really quick while you wait in the van over there, okay?" I hear a hot, husky voice whisper in my ear as he points towards the van not far from where we are standing.

I nod my head and start to make my way to the black van. These girls are absolutely crazy, they just will not shut up! It's like they're trying to deafen us!

I make it to the van and a tall guy who I am assuming is a body guard opens the door for me as I hop in. He shuts the door behind me the second I get into the empty van. With nothing else to do but wait, I decide to check Twitter. I have loads of followers because Louis tweeted me a couple of times. The fans went ballistic asking me if I was Louis' girlfriend! It was actually kind of funny at first but then it just got a little annoying. But I would despise the girl that my idol could possibly be dating too so I can't blame them!

I click on my mentions and see loads of questions asking if I was the girl with them today. I think they will stalk just about anyone who has any sort of connection with the boys what so ever! I decide to tweet to let them all know,

Just picked up my favorite boy in the world from the airport! So glad you're back @Louis_Tomlinson! Luv ya xx

The second I pressed the tweet button I realized that the fans will take the 'Luv ya xx' part wrong, whoops. I laugh to myself as I see all my mentions blow up. I continue to scroll through my mentions,

@Jordan_Kennedy64 You and Lou are sooo cute together! Please follow me!

@Jordan_Kennedy64 Are you dating Louis?!?

@Jordan_Kennedy64 If you and Louis aren't, you two need to date already!

@Jordan_Kennedy64 U & Lou dont have 2 keep the relationship a secret! We all know Lou is gonna get some tonight! ;)

I find myself laughing out loud at that one, Louis is most defiantly not "getting some!" from me tonight! These fans crack me up.

At that second the door opens and Lou scoots in right next to me. "What ya laughing at?" He asks peering over at my screen.

I tilt my screen so he can see it better as a smile grows on his face. "Oh yes! You know you want some of this, Jordan!" He teases while doing a small, fake hip thrust.

I laugh. "Oh you know it!"

Louis pulls out his iPhone as well then clicking on the twitter app. "Here what's that girls twitter name?"

"Uh, @LouisIsASexGod." I say while laughing.

Another smile grows on his face as he continues to type with his eyes fixed on the screen. After a little bit he turns his screen for me to see,

@LouisIsASexGod Jordan is sooo gonna get some tonight! I can't wait!

I laugh and end up snorting. "Louis! Delete that now!"

"Give me 3 good reasons." He says keeping his head high in confidence.

"One, we aren't dating! Two, the fans will take it seriously. And three, someone in your management will kill you!"

He narrows his eye brows at me then pouts, "Fine."

I laugh again. "Sorry, Boo! But you just went out there and got famous, therefore you don't have the freedom to joke around like that online!"

"I know, I know." He whines before going onto Twitter and deleting it.

"Good boy." I say, wrapping my arm around his shoulder.

The door to the van opens as the screams go up about 10 notches and Harry - still looking sexy - and the rest of the boys pile into the car. Liam, Niall, and Zayn practically sit on top of one another in the back seat as Harry sits on the other side of me. I feel the car hum to life and we start our way onto the rode.

"So what are we going to do tonight?" I ask.

"Sleep!" Niall says laying his head on Liam's shoulder.

"Nooo, I mean something fun!"

"Like what?" Harry asks me.

"Like... a haunted house! It is October!" I suggest.

Harry nods his head in agreement as I look around to the other boys. Niall shaking his head no, Liam no, Louis yes, and Zayn yes.

"Four against two!" Louis cheers.

Niall huffs and I turn around to look at him. "You guys just go." He says tiredly.

"Fiiine." Louis agrees.

"So it's settled! We go to a haunted house while they... do whatever they like to do on a Saturday night." I say smiling at all if them.

"Sounds good to me." I hear Harry say from behind me and I find myself jump a little. I get scared very easily.

I turn around. "You scared the shit out of me."

He smiles cheekily showing off his adorable dimples. "Sorry." He shrugs.

I roll my eyes. "You sound pretty sincere."

"I am! It was the biggest mistake of my life! I'm so sorry, Jordan! Will you ever forgive me?" He teases as I chuckle.

"Hmm, I don't know yet, maybe." I wink.

"Please Jordan, I need to make it up to you! How could I ever do that?" He jokes.

"Buy the tickets for the haunted house tonight?" I suggest.

He laughs - cutest laugh ever. "Fair enough, deal."

The van comes to a hault and I look out the window to see my apartment building, that was a quick ride!

"Bye guys!" I say opening the door.

"Bye Jordan!" Harry yells as I step out of the van out into the surprisingly warm air. "See ya at eight!'" He adds.

"Bye! See you guys later!" I say when I suddenly feel someone jump up on my back. I look over my shoulder to find it to be Louis. "What are you doing, Louis?!" I ask.

"Can I stay at your place tonight?" He asks innocently.


"Because I haven't seen you in three months! Pleeaassee Jordan!" He pleads.


"So yes?"

"Yes! Come on Boobear!" I say swinging him of my back and dragging him into the lobby of my apartment building as the other boys laugh and wave goodbye.

"Bye boys!" I yell one more time as we head through the sliding glass doors.

"Race ya up the stairs instead?" Louis suggests as we make our way to the elevators.

I sigh. "You have as much energy as a 5 year old."

He laughs. "I guess I'll take that as a no."

"No," he gives me a confused look. "It's a hell no."

He grins at me while pushing the up button on the elevator. "So what do you think of the lads?"

"They're cool, they seem really fun." I smile at him. "Why?"

"Just making sure you don't like any of them as more than a friend, you're too good for any of them." He smiles back as my heart starts beating faster and I feel my hope with Harry drop down about ten notches as we step into the elevator and press button '10'. I guess I can't date any of the boys, I can't just not listen to my best friend, he knows what's best for me.

"Do you like any of them as more than a friend?" He asks curiously while emphasizing the 'Do'.

I shrug, not wanting to lie. "Well they aren't ugly." I state as he laughs a little. "But I don't know them well enough."


I love this about him. We can act like five year olds together, fight with each other, be inappropriate with each other, and have a serious conversation with each other and have it never be awkward between us. "Just out of curiosity," I start. "What would you do if I did?"

"Punch whichever one it is." He says half joking, half not.

I laugh. "You're cute Boobear."

He throws his arm around my shoulder. "I know."

I giggle and look at him holding onto his hand thats around my shoulder. "Cocky much?" I say as we step out onto my floor.

He laughs then shrugs a bit. "You love me though."

I smile and kiss him on the cheek. "There's one thing you're right about." I say as we walk out of the elevator.
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