Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


23. Too Cute

Isabelle's POV

Niall and I walked hand in hand out to the limo. Then Alyssa and Harry came out and Alyssa said ,"Hey Izzy you alright?" I shook my head and Niall asked, "Whats wrong?" "Im just r-really f-freaked o-out i-i dont l-like b-b-big crowds." i stuttered "You have nothing to worry about, love. I'll be right next to you the whole time. I'll be there for you (<<<hahaha)" that made me feel a little better but i was still nervous. We got in the limo and we headed to the theater. We pulled up to the theater and Harry and Alyssa got out first, then the rest of the boys and their girlfriends and Niall and i got out last. There were a lot of people, fans and paparazzi. Niall grabbed my hand and we made our way to the entrance. The paparazzi were shouting things like "Isabelle whats it like to date Niall Horan?" or "Isabelle whats it like to date a member of One Direction?"  i was kinda in shock and scared at the same time. Niall must've noticed because he just squeezed my hand tighter and pulled me closer to him, he made me feel safe. We walked over to some fans and paparazzi and then one of the paparazzi grabbed my shoulder, Niall slapped his hand off my hand and then kissed me on the cheek. Zayn called us, "Hey lads over here!" waving us towards him and Perrie. We walked over to him and Perrie. Perrie hugged Alyssa and i and said "Isabelle, Alyssa i would like you to meet Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and Jade, Otherwise known as the rest of Little Mix. Girls this is Isabelle and Alyssa." they all engulfed us in hugs. I turned and saw Harry and Alyssa talking to Cher Lloyd. "Love this is-" Harry,to Alyssa, "Cher Lloyd." i interrupted him. I was totally fangirling and i started to blush. After Harry and Alyssa were done talking to Cher Niall walked me over to her and introduced me. She hugged me and i told her how big of a fan i was of her. I turned around and i saw Olly Murs. "Oh my gosh Niall is that Olly Murs?" "Yeah, its Olly Murs." "I LOVE his music!" "Well then lets go over and talk to him."  said Niall putting his hand around my waist and kissing me on the cheek  Niall introduced me to Olly and we talked for a while. Then we made our way into the theatre and found out seats. "Niall is there popcorn here?" i asked  "Yeah love. You just go out the door and take a left you should see the popcorn stand." he replied "Thanks." "Do you want me to come with you?" "No its fine ill just go with Alyssa." "Okay. Don't be long." "I wont." i said as i started to walk away with Alyssa. "I'll miss you every second you're gone." he yelled yo me. I just laughed and continued to walk with Alyssa.   There were five guys I didn't recognize standing by the popcorn. They turned around, smiled, and I knew exactly who they were; Maroon 5. "Hey, I'm Adam Levine and this is Jesse, James, PJ, and Mickey." Adam said while pointing at each of them. "Hi, I'm Alyssa and this is Isabelle." said Alyssa introducing us. . We chatted and when they said goodbye, we got our popcorn. As we were heading back towards our seats, we got blocked by two guys around our age. "Well hello there. I'm Jackson, and you are?" said the one to the left. When it comes to attitude Alyssa is the girl to go to. "Way out of your league." Alyssa remarked. "Feisty, I like it. I'm Josh, you got a number?" asked the other guy. "Yeah, 1-800-piss-off." I said back. I saw Harry and Niall coming towards the guys. They both looked furious. "You better fuck off, bitch, she's mine." said Niall. "And what are you gonna do about it Blondie?" he said. "How about kick your ass? Back off, they're taken." Harry growled. The boys left us and Niall wrapped his arms around me and wouldn't let go. "I'm so sorry, love, i should've come with you." "Niall it's fine, besides i like it when you curse." i said blushing a little. Niall leaned over and kissed my nose, then we walked back to our seats. Niall's arm was around my shoulder and i leaned my head on his shoulder, i love this boy so much. We sat and chatted before the movie started. "I never thought that i would find my princess, let alone one as perfect as you." I started blush like crazy. "Niall i -I don't know what to say. No one has ever said something that sweet to me. You are the best boyfriend any girl could ask for. Your like my Prince." I said as my eyes started to water. Niall leaned in and kissed me on the lips for like 30 seconds. Then the movie started. Niall shared his drink with me, i was shocked because i didn't think Niall shared anything food related. I looked over at Harry and Alyssa and saw them kissing during A Heart Full of Love. Then when A Little Fall of Rain came on i started to cry a little and Niall kissed me passionately. When the movie ended we headed to the exit. "Hey you wanna eat out tonight, love?" Niall asked "Yeah sure." i said "The lads and i were thinking of eating at an Italian, Capannina, its not to far from here." "Yeah i love Italian." Niall kissed my cheek and we walked hand in hand to the limo. One we got in the limo Niall put his arm around me and i laid my head on his shoulder.


 Nialls POV

We arrived at Capannina and my mind was still caught up on the fact that those 2 guys from the premiere would do that to 2 random girls.  The waitress came to our table. She was maybe a little older than Louis, but we could tell she was a directioner because her breathing became really heavy and she looked like she was about to faint. "W-what can I-I get y-you?" she asked stuttering. We ordered our drinks and food. Isabelle laid her head on my shoulder. When we got out final check, the girls (Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie, Alyssa, and Isabelle) started pulling out their purses. "Hey it's okay. We got it, girls." said Liam. "At least let me pitch in a little." Isabelle said as she got some money out and offered it to me. "Thanks, but we got it." I said and slipped it back into her purse. She gave me a puppy dog face and I said, "You know I can't resist the puppy dog face. But like it or not, we're paying." I kissed her nose and we payed then left. When we finally got home, everyone was tired so we plopped down on the couch. El and Dani feel asleep as soon as they sat down.  I guess they were staying tonight. Harry and Alyssa went into their room for the night. Then Niall and i went into our room.  I walked into the bathroom so i could change and she could change in privacy. After a few minutes i heard some music. I leaned my ear on the door. I heard Isabelle playing on my guitar followed by her beautiful voice. 

One minute i held the key

next the walls were closed on me

and i discovered that my castle stands

upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

I quietly opened the door and walked out. I walked over towards her. I took a picture of her playing the guitar from the back and posted it on twitter, i wrote look at my cute princess playing the guitar. she continued to sing

I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing 

Roman Cavalry choirs are singing

Be my mirror my sword and shield

Then she stopped. I started to clap and she jumped a little. " That was amazing Belle!" i said "Niall?!?!" she said half scared half shocked "Why did you stop?" i asked "Because i cant get that chord," she said "I never could." "Well why dont i help you?" i asked sitting on the bed and picked her up and sitting her on my lap. I wrapped my arms around hers and helped her place her fingers in the right spot. She caught on quite quickly. "See i told you you could do it." i said "Thanks Niall." she said. She started to strum random chord while sitting on my lap. I love this girl so much. Way more than she will ever know. I leaned forward and kissed her on the neck, she put the guitar down and turned around to kiss me. We started out with little kisses which grew more and more passionate, Isabelle started to run her fingers through my hair. I started to kiss her neck and she started to moan quietly, i smiled and kept kissing her. I felt her tugging at the bottom of my shirt. I let her take it off and i took off her shirt then threw it on the floor. Soon she was unzipping my pants and taking them off. I started to kiss down her body, from her neck down her stomach making her moan lightly each time. When i got to her waits i pulled off her sweats and threw them on the floor without a care. We started to kiss some more Isabelle became more and more eager for what was coming next. I stared at her asking if she was sure and ready, she nodded and looked really happy. I unhooked her bra and pulled off her underwear and she took my underwear off as well. We got under  the covers and the rest of the night was filled with the sound of our moans.


Isabelle's POV

I woke up cuddled up against Niall's body and our legs intertwined, we were both naked. Niall's body was so warm and i was freezing so i cuddled up closer to him. I fell back a sleep temporarily then Niall started to stir. He woke up and looked over at me "Morning babe." he said with a grin "Morning." i said returning the grin. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips softly. We got up and got changed. i put on a  a black shirt that went a little bit below my belly button and some ripped blue jean shorts.  I finished changing before Niall and went out into the living room. I saw Alyssa on the couch and ran over and sat next to her. "Nice beanie Harry." i said wiggling my eyebrows. He and Alyssa were both blushing.  "Hello my princess!!!" Niall yelled as he ran over to me.  "Wait! Harry, beanie, Alyssa-" he said then gave them the look. "Hey, over the weekend, Alyssa and I are going to Holmes Chapel to see mum." Harry said to us and the lads.  "Sounds great! And for you, my princess, I'm  taking you on a romantic date today." said Niall. "Where?!?" I asked excitedly. "It's a surprise, but I know you'll love it." he said. Niall went into the kitchen and Harry followed him. "So," said Alyssa "anything happen with you last night?" "What? Me?" i asked and my voice got a little higher than usual. "No i dint do anything last night, we just cuddled." my voice was higher than usual, this happens when i lie. "C'mon Izzy," Alyssa said not convinced "Just admit that you and Niall had fun last night." "I swear we didnt." i said with my lying voice "Izzy i know you are lying." "Fine," i sighed with my normal voice "Niall and i had fun last night. It was amazing." "Ah ha! I knew it! That awesome Izzy." Alyssa said looking accomplished. "How about you and harry?" i asked "Yeah, it was amazing as well." said Alyssa. We just sat there talking and smiling and talking. 


*A/N Hey guys quick little authors note. Im to lazy to write what happened in the kitchen so im just gonna tell ya. Basically the same thing goes on in the kitchen between Harry and Niall that happen with Alyssa and Isabelle. Harry asks about Niall and Alyssa the previous night, Niall lies and harry doesnt believe him. then Harry gets the truth. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! <3 

~ Anya

Hey how you doin? it's Mary!!!! hahaha this ^^^^^ made me laugh so much because Anya's always lazy lol u lazy bum Anya


Now its Anya. Mary you dirty gerbil!!!!! And its true i am usually lazy! 


Nialls POV

Harry and i walked out of the kitchen and saw Alyssa and Isabelle sitting on the couch laughing and smiling. They are so adorable, especially Isabelle. She ha really come out of her shell since we met her. She's a lot less shy and more crazy and cute. I love her so much more than she will even know. "You ready Belle?" "Yeah one sec babe. Lemme just grab my  phone." She grabbed her phone off the counter then said "Bye Alyssa." "Bye Izzy have fun." Alyssa replied. Isabelle walked out the door and i followed her and Alyssa yelled "Take good care of her mister." i just laughed and closed the door behind me.  We got in the car and drove to where I was taking Isabelle.  After driving for ten (ish) minutes we showed up at a nearby park and lake. I was going to have a romantic picnic in the park with my princess. Alyssa had told me that Isabelle had always wanted to go on a romantic picnic with some one, and i always have to. I got out  of the car then walked over to Isabelle's door and opened it for her. She got out and i went to the trunk and got out s blanket and a picnic basket, we walked over and sat down. We started to eat and we talked. Then i started to lean in and i was about to kiss her when a random stranger ran by threw an orange at us and yelled "EXTERMINATE!!!!! then ran away. "What the fuck!" Isabelle yelled. "Oh my gosh did i just say that?!?!" she asked startled as she put her hands over her mouth. I couldn't hold it in much longer i just burst out laughing. "You are just too cute." i said and then Isabelle started to laugh as well. We were laughing for a while and then i leaned in and kissed her, this time without being interrupted. We kissed for a while and then i told her to go over to the lake.  I walked back to the car and got my guitar. I walked back over to the lake where Isabelle was standing. I walked her over to a canoe and helped her get in. I got in as well and pushed the canoe into the water. Once we got into the middle of the lake i picked up my guitar and started to play and sing for Isabelle. She was smiling and blushing, she just looked so beautiful. I started into her eyes and continued to sing. After singing a few songs, talking, and singing some more we got back to land and drove home.



Hey how you doin?? Yeah i know this is now multiple A/N in one chapter but i have to say something about the orange. That was a request by mah crazy awesome friend, Sydney. The person throwing the orange is supposed to be like her. She wanted the whole orange thing to happen during the sex scence but i didnt want to so this was my compromise. HAHA. Anyways i hope you enjoy the story! THANKS SOOO MUCH for the 530 veiws and everything! FLOVE YA!


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