Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


13. The Experience

Isabelle's POV 

I woke up and besides Harry and Alyssa i was the only one awake. I looked over at Niall and i could barely keep it together. I couldn't keep it together any longer i burst out laughing. This caused Niall to wake up. Niall woke up and he asked what i was laughing at, "Oh...just...this! said Harry handing Niall a mirror. Niall seemed a little mad but then i started to laugh again and he started to smile a little. Then we woke up everyone else including Eleanor, Dani, and Perrie who ended up staying the night also. I went into Niall's room and got changed. I put on blue jeans, a graphic tee,converse sneakers, and a light pink beanie. Everyone was laughing at Niall as i walked out of his in my new clothes. Niall was kind of staring in my direction."Hey how about we go shopping? I mean, you're gonna need more clothes then what you packed." asked Perrie. "I would love that, but me and Isabelle don't have much money. I didn't really get paid by parents and her...uh...she didn't really get anything from them." Alyssa replied. "We'll pay!" Harry offered and Niall shook his head in agreement "Yeah we'll pay love." he said to me  "I'm sorry but we can't take your money, in fact, I already feel like a bother staying here." Alyssa said . "Trust me, it's fine." said Zayn and Harry  nodding in agreement . We didn't really say anything after that and Harry must have taken it as a yes because he said "That's a yes! Lets go to the mall!"Harry grabbed his hat and Alyssa's sunglasses and Niall grabbed mine.  "Here you are going to need this when you go out with us." Harry said indicating the paparazzi and fans.  So we all grabbed our stuff and walked out to the cars. Harry and Alyssa went in one car. Liam, Danielle, Perrie, Zayn, Louis, and Eleanor in Liam's car.Niall and I were in his car. We started driving to the nearest mall when Niall asked "If you don't mind me asking what happened to Alyssa?" "Well everyone at school would pick on her, they call her unbearable names, and they also kick her and punch her until she's lying on the ground crying. Almost everyone one bullies her but me. I would help her,or try to help her, but then they would just do the same to me but i already get that at home." i explained by then i was crying. It was just so bad and i dont know what we did to deserve this.

Niall POV 

Isabelle told me what happened to Alyssa at school and when she was done she started to cry. "Shhhh its okay. Belle its gonna be okay." she kinda calmed down a little and looked over at me. "I hope you don't mind me calling you Belle." i said. "No its fine," she replied with a smile " I like Belle. Ne one has ever called me that before." "OK cool!" after that we drove with the radio on. Isabelle made me sing a lot but i didn't mind. I really want to hear her sing though. We got to the mall. We were just walking from store to store looking for clothes and other stuff for Isabelle and Alyssa. "Hey Izzy, come look at this." said Eleanor calling Isabelle to look over a something. "This would look absolutely AMAZING on you." she said gushing over the shirt. Isabelle just said it probably wouldn't look good on her and then went to look at something else. I grabbed the shirt anyways and and i grabbed anything Isabelle turned down. Then i would pay for it and put it in our bag. A couple of fans noticed us and asked for pictures or photographs. Isabelle was looking at a pair of shoes and i could tell she really wanted it, so when she was looking i grabbed the shoes and paid for them. We all paid for our things, We left, and as we were heading to a different store, Alyssa froze in her tracks then started running in the other direction. We saw a couple of people chasing her. Okay, I didn't know what was happening but I knew it couldn't be good. We chased after her and we found her about 6 stores down, in a corner being kicked on the ground by the people who were chasing her. "ALYSSA!"  Harry yelled. She didn't even look over because she was in that much pain. Harry ran over and once they saw him , they ran off.  Harry helped her up and I saw she had a bunch of new bruises. She whimpered as Harry helped her up. "Oh my gosh! Who were they? "Eleanor asked. Isabelle shot her a worried look and Alyssa nodded. Oh...I get it. "So...they are the people who bullied you in your school?" Harry asked and she said, "Yeah, but no where close to how many of them there are and they were going soft compared to how they treat me in school." We had her sit down and she started to cry. Harry had just noticed her gray t-shirt had a medium sized red spot in it. I lifted up her sleeve and saw a huge scratch. "Oh my gosh." I said. Perrie grabbed her handed took her to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I was really concerned for Alyssa because she sad that this was hardly anything compared to her school experiences. This was really scary and both Isabelle and Alyssa didn't seem the same the whole rest of the time we were at the mall. I walked over to Harry and told him that i thought that the girls have probably had enough action for the day, and i thought we should head home. So we headed towards the exit and we drove home.

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