Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


31. Tears, Tears, and More Tears

Nialls P.O.V. 

"Its all my fault, its all my fault." Isabelle mumbled. I woke up and saw Isabelle tossing and turning and repeatedly mumbling "Its all my fault. Its all my fault." Something was really bothering her. She was crying too. Uh-oh this couldn't be good, I decided to try to wake her up. "Izzy, Izzy." I whispered "Isabelle? C'mon baby wake up. Isabelle." I continued to whisper gently shaking her. She bolted up and said "Its all my fault." then she started to cry. "Isabelle? What's wrong?" i asked concerned. "Oh Niall! You're okay!" Isabelle said relieved and throwing her arms around me. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. I started to rub her back, "Shh its okay. You're okay." I said trying to soothe her. "Isabelle what happened?" i asked  "I," Isabelle sniffled trying to say something. "I h-had a d-dream. A b-bad one." She said as she started to cry more. "Hey,shh its okay. It was just a dream, its not real." I said in a calming tone.  "Why don't you stay here and calm down and i will go get you some iced water." I said picking up an empty glass. "Okay." Isabelle sniffled. I kissed Isabelle on the nose. "I love you." I said walking out of our room and quietly shutting the door. I had to go talk to Harry and Alyssa, so i told Isabelle i was getting her water. I feel bad for lying to her but it was for her own good. I ran into Louis and he said he had just been in Harry and Alyssa's room, he also mentioned that they had had sex (at least that's what it looked like). I told him i needed to speak to them and he gave me his spare key to their room. I walked in and saw Alyssa and Harry's making out. "Hey guys can I-- am I...interrupting something?" i asked. "Does everybody have a key to this room?!?!" Harry asked. "Everyone has a spare key but I guess Louis got yours along with his. When i saw him in the hallway i asked him what's up and he said he'd gone into your room then i-" "The short version, Niall, please." Alyssa said. "Well Louis told me about the spare key and i asked if i could use it to ask you guys a question.....but if i' know.... interrupting something..." I explained trailing off the last part. "Um just give us a second and then we'll answer your question." Harry said. "Okay i'll be outside but first here's your key." I said handing harry their spare key. Then i walked out into the hallway. I saw Zayn and said "Hey Zayn," "Hey Niall, sup?" He said. "Uh Izzy had a bad dream and woke up crying and i was wondering if you could go check on her? I need to talk to Harry and Alyssa" "Yeah sure Niall." Zayn responded. "Thanks Zayn." I said right as Harry opened to door to let me back in. 


Isabelle's P.O.V.

Niall left to go get me some water. I couldn't tell Niall that he cheated on me in the dream, i had to lie. I decided i would tell him the dream except Zayn only got hurt and that Niall died; i mean that would be just as bad, if not worse. I logged onto twitter, big mistake. I had gotten even more hate since yesterday. I couldn't take it. I walked over to my bag and opened up the side pocket, i reached in and felt around. YES! I found my blade! I picked it up and walked into the bathroom.  I pulled my sleeves up and took a deep breath. I placed the blade on my wrist and dragged it across my skin, it didn't hurt one bit. It felt great. I cut 5 more times on that wrist, making it a total of 6 cuts on that wrist. The cut 6 times on my other wrist. They were gushing blood so i wrapped them in toilet paper then pulled my sleeves back down. The blood started to bleed through my shirt a little so i grabbed one of my varsity jackets out of my bag and put it on. Then i heard a knock at the door followed by an, "Izzy? You in there?"  It was Zayn. I made sure my sleeves were pulled down all the way before i said "Come in." "Hey Izzy." Zayn said. Seeing him made me start to cry again because i couldn't bear to lose him. "Hey hey its okay Isabelle." Zayn said walking over to me. HE sat down at the edge of my bed then sat me on his lap. "Z-zayn...." i bawled. "Hey shh its okay Izzy." "I-i" "Shh Niall told me, its okay. Lemme guess was it twitter? Did the fans hate on you?" i nodded then sniffled "H-how d-did you k-know?" i asked. "Because you were on your phone when you first started to act weird. And everyone gets hate at some point. Just ignore them." "Its hard to ignore them though Zayn." I said starting to cry again. I put my head in Zayn's shoulder and started to cry. "Isabelle they are just jealous of you and your beauty, your great personality, your style, would you like me to continue?" Zayn said with a smile. I sniffled, "Yes please." I added with a smile. "Your amazing hair, your beautiful eyes, your smile..." Zayn kept listing things about me which calmed me down and i finally stopped crying. "Thank you Zayn." i said kissing him on the cheek. "No problem Isabelle. Just remember that everything i said is true." Zayn's said kissing me on my forehead. And then Niall walked in the room. "Niall!" I yelled with excitement  I ran over and hugged him really tight. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close to his body. I know Niall will never leave me or cheat on me. I love him, he loves me; i know that now. We stopped hugging and i looked over to see a smiling Zayn sitting on our bed. "Thank you mate." Niall said. "No problem Niall. I would hate to see you sad because your princess is sad." Zayn responded with a smile. "Thank you Zayn." I said hugging him. "Anytime Isabelle." Zayn said as he ruffled my hair. I flailed my arms around and squealed "Zayn don't touch my hair!" He just laughed. Then his smile kind of faded and he was staring at something. I didn't know what until i realized that my blood was starting to bleed through the toilet paper. "Well...uh...i.. i think i'll get going now. Glad i could help." Zayn said, and just like that he left. Niall gave me the water and once I finished it we got changed and walked to the elevator to go down for breakfast. Right as we got to the elevator Niall got a text from Harry saying they were at breakfast. Niall responded and we then got in the elevator and went down to the elevator. We walked down to the dining hall where everyone was eating breakfast. I was still a little shaken up from my dream so every little sound had me flinching. 

*eat breakfast*

We finished breakfast and I excused myself from the table. I really wasn't in the mood for eating but Zayn had convinced me to. So I ate my pancakes but now I had to prevent myself from gaining any weight. So I walked into the bathroom, made sure I was alone, walked into a stall and lucked the door. I faced the toilet and did something I never thought I would do again, I purged. I threw up everything I ate. I felt so much better knowing i wouldn't gain any weight and maybe now I would lose some pounds too. I washed my hands and walked back out to the dining hall. I rejoined Niall as we walked up to our room to get ready for the interview. Shit, I thought, when I change I have to take my shirt and jacket off. But I can't let Niall see my cuts let alone my bandages. I decided to change in the bathroom and hope Niall wouldn't mention it.  We changed and I made sure my cuts were covered and then Niall and I walked hand in hand down to the lobby to rejoin the boys and go to the interview. 


Niall's P.O.V. 

The interview went well. "Hey you were great." I said to Izzy who was looking a bit pale, she had looked this way since after breakfast but i guess she was just scared, "You're a natural." I added. "Thanks Niall." Izzy replied. "Uh Niall," Isabelle said "Yeah Belle?" i responded "The girls and i are going out to Starbucks since you guys have a sound check." "Okay," I said with a smile,i pulled out my wallet "Here." I said handing Isabelle some money. She turned and gave El a thumbs up and then faced me. I gave her a kiss on the nose and she tried to give me the money back but i insisted she keep it. We hugged and then she headed off with the girls. She was so cute, i can't believe that people would be so rude as to hate her. I mean i love her, she makes me happy, why can't they accept that? "Alright, boys. Its time to head to the sound check." Paul told us. "BUT WE LITERALLY JUST FINISHED OUR INTERVIEW PAUL! Can we at least have lunch?" Louis complained. Paul rolled his eyes and said, "Okay just get in the limo, we don't want to be late for the very first sound check of the tour." Paul got out his phone and called the limo. "What do you wanna eat for lunch?" asked Zayn. "It can't be too far lads." Paul told us. "How about McDonald's, there's one close to the O2?" Liam asked and we all nodded in agreement. The limo came and started to drive us to the O2. We got to the O2 and then Paul sent someone to go get  us some food from McDonalds. We got started right away on our sound check. We sang One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) first . then after that song we sang some more songs. The Paul announced that our food had arrived."YAY! FOOD! COME TO ME SWEET FOOD!" I shouted running towards Paul and the person who had our food. I was starving. The boys ran behind me as we screamed like little kids running towards our food. We ate our food and acted like stupid boys until Paul said "C'mon boys a few more songs." "Aw Paul do we have to?" Harry whined. "Would you like to see your girlfriend?" Paul asked Harry. "YES!"  Harry replied jumping up "Then we have to sing two more songs. Same for you Louis, and you Niall." Paul explained. We all sighed and got up on stage and sang two more songs. We put all of our final touches on the songs and then Paul sent Harry to go pick up the girls in a limo.


"ISABELLE!" I said opening my arms out wide. "NIALL!"  she yelled happily. Hey maybe she's feeling better now, hopefully. I ran over too her and engulfed her in a huge hug. I picked her up and swung her around. "I missed you!" I said kissing her on the forehead. "I missed you too Niall." she responded. "But now, i really gotta use the bathroom." Isabelle said eagerly. "Okay," I said "hurry back." I yelled after Isabelle who was already heading towards the bathroom. 


Isabelle's POV

I walked into the bathroom and into a stall. I really did need to use the bathroom but i also needed to make sure i didn't gain any more weight from that drink. So what did I do? Well, i turned around bent over the toilet and threw up. Then after throwing up i used the bathroom. I washed up and then walked out of the bathroom to rejoin Niall. "Hey babe." I said walking up to Niall and kissing him on the cheek. Niall turned and said "Hi babe. Have a good time in the bathroom?" "Haha very funny." I responded sarcastically. Niall bopped me on the nose and took my hand. "Follow me," He said as we walked backstage "I want you to meet someone." "Who?" I asked eagerly. "You'll see be patient." Niall said walking me towards his dressing room. He opened the door and we walked in, only to see Greg sitting on the couch. Greg Horan. "Isabelle this is my brother, Greg. Greg, this is my girlfriend Isabelle." "Ah so this is the lovely lass you've been telling me about.," Greg said walking over towards us "She's even prettier than i imagined." I was blushing like mad. I smiled and said sweetly, "Thank you Greg." "So Greg hows it been?" Niall asked. We talked with Greg for a while and then there was a knock at the door. "Uh Niall? You in there?" Said a deep raspy voice, it was Harry. "Yeah come in mate." Niall responded. The door opened and Harry walked in, "Hey Greg nice seeing you again." he said. "And you." Greg responded. They did one of those bro hugs and then Harry said, "Uh Niall, Paul told me to come get you. And you too Isabelle." "Okay. Bye Greg." Niall said waving bye. "Goodbye bro. I'm so proud of you." Greg said waving back. "Good bye Isabelle. Nice meeting you." Greg said giving me a friendly hug. "Goodbye Greg. Same to you too." "We will have to meet up sometime soon." Niall said taking my hand "Definitely bro." Greg said walking out of the dressing room with us. "Bye Greg." Harry said "Bye Harry." Greg said before he walked in the other direction. Now we were backstage 10 minutes before the show. "You ready for you first concert girls?" Liam asked me and Alyssa. "So excited!" Alyssa responded with enthusiasm. "I'm dating Niall Horan, THE Niall Horan, and its still unbelievable that i'm backstage at a One Direction concert." I said. "I can't wait!" I added. "5 minutes." Said Paul who had been walking around making sure everything was ready for the night. "Well El will take you guys to your seats now guys." Zayn said. "Well as soon as her and Louis show up that is." Liam added. "Where are they?" I asked. "I dunno, probably snogging in Louis dressing room." Harry answered. Then Louis and Eleanor came backstage holding hands. "There you are Lou!" Niall exclaimed. "2 minutes people" Paul said. "Lets go to our seats." El said, she then turned to kiss Louis goodbye. Alyssa gave Harry a quick kiss on the cheek and i did the same with Niall. Then we walked to our seats and the boys got ready to get on stage. 


Isabelle's POV 

El helped Alyssa and get to our seats in the front row. I'm dating a member of One Direction and i'm still mini fangirling inside because i'm at one of their concerts. Crazy, huh? We sat down and the concert began. The boys came running out on stage singing One Way or Another.  El, Alyssa, and I started to sing along and jump around like crazy immature little kids. Then they sang Change My Mind and Kiss You. They ran off stage for a wardrobe change and a clip was played on the screen on the stage. "OMG!" someone behind us screamed "Y-Y-Y-Y-YOU'RE ISABELLE!!! AND YOU'RE ALYSSA! AND YOU ARE ELEANOR  OMG! I CANT BELIEVE ITS ACTUALLY YOU!" "Haha yeah i'm Izzy that's Alyssa and that's El. And you already knew that so why am i saying this. i don't know. i'm sorry i'm weird and boring i'm gonna stop now." I said rambling on and on. "C-can I get a picture?" the girl asked "Yeah sure." Alyssa said. We took pictures with her and then the boys came back out. "I love you guys." The girl said "We love you too." We responded in unison before focusing our attention back on the boys. "Okayyyyy so its time for some twitter questions." Niall said enthusiastically. "First one," Harry said looking up at the board "Who is the cheekiest out of all of you?" (A/N in case ya didn't kno cheeky= impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way) "Erm Harry!" Louis answered. "Yeah Harry is most definitely the cheekiest out of us." Liam added. Zayn spoke next  "Okay next one. Which one of the girlfriends, besides your own, are you the closest with? (This is for all boys) PS ILY!" "Harry why don't you go first?" Zayn said. "Okay i'm probably closest to Danielle." "Okay," Zayn said "Now Niall how about you?" "I'm probably gonna have to go with..... Eleanor." Niall answered. El jokingly squealed and clapped her hands. "Louis? How about you mate?" "ALYSSA! LOVE YOU LYSSA BEAR!!! And you my Ellie boo!" Louis said looking over at Alyssa and El. I pouted, like a little child who didn't get what they wanted, "I LOVE you too my little Izzybelle" Louis said looking at me, i smiled now. Louis just laughed at us, so did the rest of the boys. "Liam? What about you?""Uh i'm gonna say Perrie." Liam responded, Zayn smiled and gave Liam a big thumbs up. "  "And me i'm gonna say Isabelle and i are really close. She's so sweet and kind. So are all the other girls but there's something about her." "Hey, hey, back off mate. She's mine and you have Perrie." Niall said. "No i don't mean that like 'OMG i love her so freakin much'. Shes like a sister to me, that's all i meant." "Okay good." Niall said relieved. "Last question for now." Louis said looking up at the board. "What's it like to get hate from the "Fans"?" "Well i think we need a special guest to come answer this question for us."  Louis said looking over at Zayn. "Isabelle? Can you come up here please?" Zayn asked looking at me. I pointed as myself as to ask 'Me?!!?!' and Zayn, noticing my confusion, said "Yes you you crazy." and to this i shook my head. "C'mon Izzy. Please?" Liam asked sweetly. I shook my head again. Alyssa and Eleanor grabbed each of my wrists, i flinched a little because of my cuts but then the pain went away.  They dragged me up and sat me down on the couch, they stayed up with me. I looked out at all the people in the crowd and i froze, there were so many people out there. It was really scary. Niall walked over and stood behind the couch, he rubbed my back and then he hugged me. "Niall, i'm scared." I whispered. "It's okay you'll do great." Niall whispered as he handed me his microphone and then he kissed my cheek. "Okey uh.." i started to quietly say into the microphone. "Wait, wait!" Zayn interrupted me. "Isabelle is really quiet and we need you guys to be REALLY REALLY quiet so we can all hear her." Zayn directed that last part to the crowd. "So can you all be quiet for us?" Harry asked the crowd. "YES!" The crowd screamed almost in unison. "Okay Izzy you can start." Zayn said. "Em what's it like get hate from "fans"? That's what you want to know?" I started to say.


Niall's P.O.V.  

"Em what's it like get hate from "fans"? That's what you want to know?" Isabelle started to say. I could tell she was really thinking hard about how to explain the feeling. She took a deep breath before starting again "Well I can tell you one thing, its not a good feeling. Its terrible to log into twitter or Instagram or something and to see all the hate comments and bad stuff being said about you." She stopped again and paused for a few seconds. Then she took a deep breath and continued "When I see all those comments it just tears me down. hard to read those nasty comments. I was...and Niall doesn't even know this but...I was nervous to say yes to Niall when he asked me out. I didn't want to hurt him or cause him any hate. I didn't really think about myself. But even if I had I would've still said yes. The reason I said yes is because I knew that Niall would protect me." Isabelle explained and like she said I never knew this. She was starting to tear up and I saw that both Alyssa and El put their hands on her legs as to comfort her. She started to speak again "And you know a few weeks went by and nothing had happened. No hate was sent to anyone. Not to me or Niall or even to Alyssa and Harry. I was really hopeful that it would stay that way. But, sadly, it didn't. I logged onto twitter not to long ago to find a boat load of people hating on me. And they were saying some pretty nasty stuff." Her eyes started to water again. But she just wiped them away and kept on talking, that's my girl. "It was really terrible seeing all that hate. Like i said people said nasty things to and about me. And it really made me feel bad. I hated myself, quiet honestly i still hate myself. It was hard getting that hate because i couldn't tell Niall or anyone because you know i didn't know how to tell them or if i even could trust them. Because i believed what people were saying was true." she was really hurting, poor girl doesn't deserve this. She deserves the best. "But finally Niall noticed something was different and he went to talk with Harry and Alyssa. Zayn was actually the first to find out people were hating on me, and he didn't even see the hate." She said staying strong, she hadn't cried physically yet even if she wanted to. She was going to stay strong and she was going to say what she wanted to say. "Niall asked Zayn to stay in our room to calm me down while he got me water. Zayn was really kind to me and he really helped. Zayn and the rest of the boys are like brothers to me. And i love Niall more than he or anyone will ever know. But back to the hate, its not a good feeling to have so many people hating on you. Especially when all you want is for those people to like you. Bottom line, words hurt." After Isabelle said that she almost lost it. A few tears rolled down her face. I walked over to her and whispered "I love you so much my princess." i turned faced her towards me and i quickly grabbed, not harshly, her face in my hands and i embraced her in a kiss. She just sat there and let me kiss her but i could feel her smile. The crowd, the boys, Alyssa, and El all said "Awwwwww" or "ooohhhh" and some said "ahhhhhhh" it was like a movie. I decided to cut the kiss short and pulled away. Isabelle turned around so her whole body was facing me and she kissed me with passion. I love this girl so much. We kissed until the girls and boys had to break us up. They walked back to their seats and we continued our concert. Next we sang Little Things. The we sang more songs and carried on with our concert. 


Isabelle's P.O.V.

 We finished the concert and it was AMAZING! I LOVED IT! With the exception of some of the nasty stuff that i heard being yelled at me, don't ask me how i heard it; i guess i just have great hearing. After the concert we went backstage to see the boys again. "Hey so are we still going clubbing tonight?" Harry asked when we showed up. "Yeah sure if you guys want to." Alyssa said looking at everyone. We all exchanged looks and decided to go clubbing. So now we just need to meet the fans who have backstage passes, go back to the hotel, and then go clubbing! Yay! A few fans had backstage passes so they got to meet the boys, i just sat on the table in the corner of the room and watched. It was awesome to see the fans reactions. Their faces were just priceless. "OMG NIALL! ITS REALLY YOU!" A girl squealed really loudly. "Yeah its me," Niall responded "I am 100% real." Niall laughed. All the boys took pictures and interacted with the fans.  "Hey Izzy, Alyssa come over here!" Harry said motioning us over from our table where we were talking. We walked over to Harry and he said "Why don't you go talk to some fans like El is?" "Okay sure, why not." Alyssa responded. I wasn't so sure about this because i know not a lot of fans like me but what the heck. A few fans actually were nice to me and kind, we took pictures and talked. Some people even asked for my signature. I walked over to Niall just as some huge fan did as well. "Hey uh Niall i was uh wondering if i could uh you know get a picture?" "Yeah sure, you wouldn't mind if Isabelle was in it too right?" Niall asked. "Well..uh...i was kinda hoping...for one with you....only you." She said awkwardly and scratching her head. "Its okay," I said "I'll just" i added pointing in the other direction.  Niall grabbed my wrist and pulled me back, i flinched a little again because of my cuts. "If you want a picture with me, Isabelle is going to be in it too." Niall said. "Niall its fine." I said trying to walk away, i saw the fan smile faintly. Niall still had a grip on my wrist and wouldn't let me leave "No, if she wants a picture you are going to be in it." He insisted. The girl let out a sigh and we took the picture, i faked a smile of course. "See? Now that wasn't so hard was it?" Niall said after the picture. He hugged the fan and walked in the other direction. "I'm sorry about that." I said to the fan. "You should be, bitch." she responded rudely then walked away. I saw her join someone else who must have been her friend and i heard her say "Niall's girlfriend is such a bitch." "Tell me about it. Such an asshole." The girl responded. Wow, are they that oblivious that they don't see me like ten feet away? Or do they want me to hear? "She is such a charity case. He was like 'she needs to be in the picture too' which is like a way of saying 'shes real. my girlfriend  Isabelle  i'm dating her. see she's in a picture shes real.'" The first girl said again. "Yeah i know! And her name should be Isabelle, it should be Isabitch." The second girl added before they walked away. That really hurt, especially since i gave that whole speech about hate and everything. Oh well, i guess i am a bitch and an ass. I sighed then ran over to Zayn. There was a few girls talking to him and i stood next to Zayn and said "Hey Zayn." with a smile, fake of course. The girls all said "uh..bye Zayn, nice to meet you." And walked in the other direction. "Bye," Zayn said waving before turning to me and saying "Hey what's up?" "Oh nothing." I said "So did you enjoy the concert?" Zayn asked "What kind of question is that?" I asked "Of course i did!" I said answering his question. "So you like the fans? You know the ones you've met?" "Yeah." I responded. "Were they nice to you?" Zayn asked. "Yes." i lied. I felt bad about lying but i didn't want to seem an even bigger attention whore than i already am. "You're not lying?" Zayn asked "Yeah" I lied again. All the fans had left by now and Zayn yelled "Niall can you come over here?" Niall practically ran over to us. "Yeah Zayn? Whats up?" Niall asked. "Can you tell if your girlfriend is lying?" "Yeah? Why?" Niall asked looking at me with a puzzled face. "Okay tell me if she is lying," Zayn said "Isabelle, were the fans nice to you?" Zayn asked again. "Yes, Zayn, the fans were nice to me." i lied again. "So?" Zayn asked directing his question towards Niall. "She's l-lying." Niall said looking a little sad. "I-Isabelle? Why, why did you lie?" Niall asked. Now i really felt bad for lying. "Well...because i...."  I started to say trialing off on the last part. "Isabelle?" Both Zayn and Niall said. "Okay, okay" I said letting in "Because i didn't want to seem like an attention whore, even though i'm already one." I said not lying this time. "Isabelle, you are not an attention whore!" Niall said. "Yes i am Niall. You know i am." I admitted. "Isabelle i thought you said you wouldn't listen to the hate." Zayn said. "Yeah Belle they are only jealous and stupid." Niall said "And what they say is all fake." Zayn added. "But, what if I believe what they say and i think its true?" I asked "Well its not and you're not" Zayn objected. "Stop lying Zayn, i am an attention whore. I make everything about me, even now; i'm making this all about me. I'm a terrible person." I said. "Isabelle stop it! You are not an attention whore! You are nothing that the fans say you are, unless they say good stuff." Niall said, he looked like he was going to cry. Then he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me for what felt like 12 hours. I loved the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around me. "Now are you done saying bad things about yourself?"  Niall asked letting me go. "No." I admitted "I don't think i will ever stop hating on myself." I added that last part after a quick pause. "ALYSSA!" Niall yelled. "Yeah Niall?" She asked walking over to us "Would you please tell your friend that she is not an attention whore! And tell her to stop saying bad things about herself?" Zayn asked. "Isabelle Clar O'Neil! You are the most amazing person ever." "No i'm not Alyssa! I'm a terrible person! Why don't you just admit that i'm a charity case? And that i'm ugly and fat? Because I know its true!" I yelled to Alyssa as well as Niall and Zayn. "Because its not true!" Zayn yelled back. "Isabelle, none of the bad things said about you are true! ITS ALL BULL SHIT!" Niall yelled adding on to what Zayn said. A few tears escaped my eyes for three reasons. One, i really truly believed what the fans were saying. Two, my cuts were really stinging from all of the grabbing of my wrists. Three, i really couldn't stand all of the yelling. Then i felt Niall wrap his arms around me once again.


Niall's P.O.V.

Isabelle just wasn't going to give in, i cant believe she actually believes what all the fans are saying. She listens to the hate! Its terrible! Everything they say is BULL SHIT! I cant believe anyone could do this to someone as innocent as Isabelle. I noticed a few tears rolling down her cheek. I couldn't bear to watch her cry, it kills me to see her cry. So i engulfed her in a big hug and i wasn't letting go until she was done crying. Eleanor came running over and said, "Oh my gosh why is Isabelle crying?" "Can you guess?" Zayn said flatly. "Hate?" Eleanor guessed. "Yeah." Alyssa answered. "She's taking it really bad and she's getting it non'stop." Zayn explained. I walked Isabelle over to the chair in the corner of the room and sat down and sat her on my lap. I saw Eleanor start to walk over but Zayn kept her back. Then, Louis and Harry walked over to Alyssa, El, and Zayn. I could see Alyssa, Zayn, and Eleanor explaining something to Lou and Harry. I started to rock Izzy back and forth and hum a soft tune in her ear. She seemed to be calming down. I could feel her breathing slow down, back to normal, and become more steady. "Are you okay now princess?" I asked Isabelle. She took a deep breath and replied "Yes thank you Niall." "No problem baby." I replied. We stood up and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to my body. Then i lifted her head and kissed her passionately. I really hoped she was done hating on herself. Isabelle pulled away and then grabbed my hand. We walked back to everyone else. "You okay now?" Zayn asked. Isabelle simply nodded. 


Isabelle's P.O.V.

Niall was rocking me back and forth and humming in my ear to calm me down. I started to stop crying and my breathing returned to its normal pace.  Then Niall asked "Are you okay princess?" "I took a deep breath and said Yes thanks you Niall." What i said was partially true, i was feeling better but i still felt like all of those things i was being called. "No problem baby." Niall replied before pulling me into a passionate kiss. I pulled away and grabbed his hand instead. I could see him frown a bit but he didn't say anything. We walked over to everyone else and Zayn asked "You okay now?" I just simply nodded. Niall pulled me closer to his side and kissed my cheek. "You sure you're okay babe?" Niall whispered, his hot breath tickled my neck. I simply answered "Yes" "Okay but if anything gets bad tell me. Okay?" Niall said and asked. I just  nodded. We all made our way back to the limo so we could go back to the hotel.We were walking out of the O2 when the screaming began. Almost all of them were yelling at me saying mean things. As tears started to brim my eyes, Alyssa spoke up.

"Shut your damn mouth bitch! You don't even know her!" She screamed.

"No one asked you, skank!" the rude fan replied. Niall let go of my hand and joined in on the yelling. Their security were pushing him away from them.We continued to the car and we drove in silence back to the hotel. 



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