Be My Summer Love

Two girls, Alyssa and Isabelle, run away in hopes of a better future. When they get into a car accident, they meet 5 boys that change their life.


27. Strange

Niall's P.O.V.

"We're going on tour." said Harry after hanging up. "Cool! I love going on tour!" said Louis "That's because you always have Eleanor with you because you wont preform with out her." i said looking at Louis  "Guilty as charged." said Lou laughing a bit. I turned to Isabelle and said "Belle how would you like to go on tour with us?" "I'd love to!" squealed Isabelle. Harry asked Alyssa the same thing and she said yes. "Well then lets go pack."  i said and we all went to our rooms. I was done packing shortly, having to go on tour a lot I've gotten faster at packing. I looked over at Isabelle who was just sitting on the floor looking from his clothes to her empty suitcase. I quietly crawled over and wrapped my ares around her, "Need help babe?" "Yes," she said letting out a sigh of relief  "I don't know what to pack for a tour, I've never been on one before." she was so cute. "Its okay love ill help you." I helped Isabelle pack everything and, "Thank you Niall. You are my hero." she said with a smile. "Now you owe me.You must pay me back for helping you." i said. "And i know exactly how you can do that." i added. "Oh really, how?" Isabelle asked. I sat lay down on the bed and said, "Kiss me." Isabelle lay down on top of me and then started to kiss me. We kissed until we were both out of breath. We decided to go wait for the boys in the living room. We were the only ones done and we were alone on the couch so we decided to kiss again. I don't know how long we were kissing when the boys and Alyssa all came out of their rooms. "Having fun there?" said Louis with a smirk. We immediately pulled away and Isabelle started to blush. Harry sat down on the couch and Alyssa sat on his lap. Liam and Zayn sat on the chairs and Louis came over and sat on Isabelle. "Louis!" Isabelle squealed. "Yes Isabelle," Louis replied calmly "Is there a problem?" "Get off of me!" Isabelle said trying to push Louis off of her. I helped her push Louis off of her and he fell over onto Alyssa and Harry. He stretched out his legs so he was lying down on Alyssa/Harry, Isabelle and me. Liam took a picture and posted it on Twitter and Instagram. "On a count of three we should all push him off." i whispered quietly in Isabelle's ear. She then whispered it in Alyssa's ear and Alyssa whispered it in Harry's ear. I counted with my fingers. "one, two, three." and we all pushed him onto the floor. "Yes! Yeah!" we cheered. Louis just lay on the floor after we knocked him over.


Isabelle's P.O.V.

We had all pushed Louis off of us and onto the floor. "So what are we waiting for?" i asked wondering why we hadn't left yet. "Oh well we are waiting for one of two things. First, we need Eleanor to get here. And second, we need the limo to show up." Zayn replied answering my question. AS soon as Zayn stopped speaking there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it." said Liam getting up and walking towards the door. Louis looked down at his phone and then immediately darted towards the door and when Liam opened to door Louis pushed Liam out of the way. "ELEANOR!!!" Louis yelled hugging Eleanor. Liam walked back over and sat down in his chair. "EL!" i yelled getting up "IZZY!" she yelled back. I walked over to her and hugged her. "Oh El I've missed you!" "I've missed you too Izzy!" "What am i chopped beef?" asked Alyssa spreading out her arms. "ALYSSA!" said Eleanor. She hugged Alyssa as well. Alyssa sat back down on Harry's lap and this time i sat on Niall's lap so Louis and Eleanor could sit down as well. We sat and talked until the limo showed up. We got in the limo and drove to the airport. Once we got to the airport an went through security and everything we sat and waited to get on the plane. "You know I've....uh..I've never actually been on an aeroplane before." i said nervously "Really?" Niall asked. "But didn't you say you were from Ireland? How did you come over ere?" asked Zayn. "By boat." i replied. "Well then you are about to have an amazing trip because aeroplane's are cool and really fun." Harry laughed "Fun." he said with a childish tone of voice. "Oh Harry, you cheeky lad." said Liam. "Hey wheres Louis?" Alyssa asked. "Oh hes right over there," Harry said pointing to Louis and Eleanor "Hes always snogging her nonstop. Its funny yet kind of disgusting." "Well okay then." Alyssa said. We talked for a little while longer and then our flight showed up. "You ready Belle?" Niall asked. "I'm a little nervous." I replied honestly. "Its okay i'll keep you safe my princess." he said reaching for my hand. I grabbed his hand, took a deep breath, and the boarded the plane. We got to our row and Niall let me sit by the window. I decided to pull out my phone and go on twitter. I took a picture of myself on the plane and tweeted "My first time on a plane! This is gonna be some great craic!" Nialls phone rang, "Hello?" he answered "Oh hey Greg!" Niall said. (A/N now im just gonna write their conversation below, keep in mind they r on the phone not texting.)

G- So i hear your going on tour again

N- Yeah we are. We're on the plane now

G- Cool cool. So are you by any chance coming to Ireland? Specifically Mullingar?

N- Uh yeah i think Ireland is our first stop. Why?

G- I was wondering that maybe if you had time for your old bro we would hang out. You know, ou bring the boys home and we hang out.

N- Yeah that would be great!

G- Cool text me or ring me when you get here

N- yeah bye bro

G- Bye Niall

Then Niall hung up. Harry and Alyssa were sitting in front of us, Louis and Eleanor behind us, and Liam and Zayn in the row across from us. Harry turned around and said, "What did Greg want?" "He wanted to know if we wanted to see him when we werent doing anything." Niall said "Cool!" said Harry turning around again. We started to take off, "Oh Niall I'm so excited!" i said with joy "You are so adorable." Niall said kissing my nose. I looked out the window as we started to go up into the sky. Niall took a picture of me looking out the window and tweeted "My little princess @isabellehoran1237  flying on an aeroplane for the first time! Shes so cute! this flight is gonna be some great craic." this was so awesome. We had been flying for a few minutes now and the airport was so far off in the distance you could barely see it. "So what do you do on an aeroplane?" I asked "Uh i dunno," Niall replied "You could watch TV. or there is a music channel so you could listen to music." "Okay cool." i said turning on the TV that is on the back of each seat. I watched TV for a while then decided to stop and just look out of the window and look at everything below us. It was just so amazing. "Hey Belle." Niall whispered tapping on my shoulder. I turned around and Niall kissed me, I couldn't help but smile. We started to kiss more passionately and then Niall pulled away, i frowned. "Why dont we...take this to the bathroom." Niall suggested. We both got up and walked to the back of the plane and into the bathroom.


Nialls POV

Isabelle had said this was her first time ever on an aeroplane. She was so excited when we took off, she just looked so adorable. We were on the plane for a little less than an our and Isabelle stopped watching TV and looked out the window. She was so fascinated and she was just to cute. I tapped on her shoulder and said, "Hey Belle." i don't actually know why i did that so when she turned around i kissed her. I could feel her smile and i kissed her more passionately. I pulled away and Isabelle frowned "Why dont we...take this to the bathroom."I said. Isabelle just simply nodded and we walked towards the back of the plane and into the bathroom. When we got into the bathroom i lifted Isabelle onto the sink and then locked the door. "Now where were we?" i said before we started kissing again. Isabelle started to run her fingers thorough my hair. I wrapped my arms around Isabelle's waist a brought her a little closer to me. I started to bite her lip, which i know she loves, making her moan. She wrapped her legs around my waist and slid her self off the sink. We continued to make out and i slipped my tongue into Isabelle' s mouth. I pulled away and started to kiss her neck. This made her moan which in return caused me to smile and kiss her harder. After about 10 minutes in the bathroom i decided we should go back to our seats. I pulled away and Isabelle stood up. We walked out of the bathroom and i guess we were pretty noisy because people were starting at us. I juts smiled but Isabelle turned really red. We walked back to our seats and we sat back down. "Hey you want to do a twitcam when we get to the hotel?" i asked "Sure." Isabelle said yawning. It was only 9:00 but we had done a lot today; with the fair and the make out sessions. Isabelle lay her head on my shoulder and i started to play with her hair. "This is your captain speaking," said the captain on the PA "We will be landing shortly. In a bout 10 or 15 minutes."  After about 10 minutes the captain came back on the PA "We will be landing in 5 minutes. Thank you." he said. Once we landed the boys and i decided we would wait for everyone to get off before we got off. WE all waited and then got off and went to go get our stuff. "So Isabelle how was your first aeroplane ride?" Harry asked "It was amazing." she said with a smile. She looked at me and started to laugh a little. We walked down to where you get your stuff and picked up our stuff. We walked out of the airport and found the limo that was sent for us. We got in the limo and sat down and drove to the hotel. Once we got to the hotel we out our sunglasses back on and our hoods and walked into the lobby. We checked into the hotel and we got the keys to our rooms. I shared a room with Isabelle, Harry and Alyssa shared a room, Louis shared a room with Eleanor, and Liam and Zayn shared a room. We all agreed to put all of our stuff away and set up our hotel room and then meet in the lobby. So Isabelle and I walked into our room and I plopped on the bed and let out a big sigh. "You tired babe?" "Yes, very." Isabelle replied. "Well lets unpack and then go down to the lobby. The sooner we unpack, the sooner we get to the lobby. The sooner we get to the lobby the sooner we can do whatever we all decide to do. The sooner we finish that activity the sooner we can come home and cuddle then go to sleep." "" Isabelle complained. "You lazy butt." i said. Isabelle just smiled at me. "Would you like me to unpack for you?" I asked "Yes pwease." Isabelle said with her puppy face. "Okay i will." i said. "Yay!" Isabelle squealed clapping. I unpacked and then we walked down, hand in hand, to the lobby. We sat and waited for a while for everyone else to show up. Harry and Alyssa showed up not long after us. "Hey Alyssa what's up?"  Isabelle asked "Nothing much," Alyssa replied "I hate unpacking." "Haha i didn't have too!" Isabelle bragged. "What?!? Not fair!" Alyssa whined "Yeah. Niall unpacked for me." Isabelle said. "Not fair! Not fair not fair not fair!!" Alyssa whined like a little child. Isabelle simply stuck her tongue out at Alyssa. They we too cute. Harry took a picture of Alyssa pouting and Isabelle sticking her tongue out. He posted it on twitter and tagged them and me in it. We sat and talked for awhile and then everyone else showed up. "So first things first, are any of you hungry?" Liam asked. I raised my hand "You're always hungry Niall!" Harry said. "well i'm kind of hungry." Zayn said "Yeah i could go for some food." Eleanor added. "So we will go out and get dinner." Liam said "Where?" Alyssa asked. "I dunno." I said "What about McDonalds?" Isabelle suggested. "Sure." Liam said. "I'll call a limo." Louis said. "Hello? Can we get a limo at the Merrion Hotel?" Louis said into his phone. Then he hung up. "The limo will be here soon." he said. 


Isabelle's P.O.V.

We went to sit in the lobby while we waited for the limo to show up. We all chatted for a while, i pulled out my phone and went on twitter. My notifications were blown up with hate, a lot of hate. They were saying things like "ew you're so ugly!" "go die in a whole." "i bet you're just a charity case. Niall doesn't actually like you." "I don't know why Niall is dating you." " You are so fucking ugly!" "Your fat." "You are such a bitch and an attention whore."  or  my least favourite "You are an ugly fat ass bitch. You are such an attention whore! you only date Niall for the attention. I bet you are a slut too. You do know you are just a charity case right. Your so fat! you should starve yourself, never eat anything again. i hope you kill yourself." that on was probably the worst one.  My eyes started to water and the smile faded away from my face. "Hey you okay Belle?" Niall asked "Yeah fine." i said putting my phone away. "The limo is here." Louis said getting up. We all walked out into the limo and drove to the closest McDonalds. We walked in with our hoods up.  "Hello welcome to McDonalds what can i get for you today?" said the girl behind the counter with a dull tone. She looked up and and you could tell she had this uninterested look on her face, you could tell she didn't want to be here. Everybody ordered and then it got to me. "What do you want Belle?" Niall asked "Nothing." i responded "You sure Isabelle?" Alyssa asked "Yeah you haven't eaten all day." Niall said. "Yeah i'm just not hungry." i lied. "Okay. Thats it." Liam said to the cashier. "That will be 19.95." she said. Louis got out his wallet and paid. Then we all sat down and waited for our food. "Hey i have to use the bathroom. I'll be back." I said. I walked into the bathroom and locked myself in the stall and I started to cry. I don't know why they hated me. I didn't do anything to them. Everything bad happens to me, Its not fair. I stayed in the stall crying for about 10 minutes. I finally pulled myself together and wiped the tears from my face. I unlocked the stall then walked over to the mirror and fixed my make up. The after fixing my makeup i walked out of the bathroom. I saw the bays, El, and Alyssa sitting at our table eating, laughing, eating, happy. i sighed, put on a fake smile, walked over and sat down next to Niall. "Hey Isabelle's here! Yay!" El said. I let out a fake laugh. They finished eating and we called the limo again. While we waited we decided to just go back to the hotel instead of do anything. The limo showed up and Niall said "Merrion Hotel please." We drove back to the hotel. "Well good night guys." Louis said then walking away with Eleanor. Liam and Zayn left next. Then Niall and I left "Night Harry, night Alyssa."  I said "Good night." they said in unison, then we walked up to our room. I changed into my pj's and then sat on the bed. All i could think about was all the hate i had gotten today. I mean today was only the first day of probably many. Niall put on some sweats and then pulled his shirt off, he didn't bother to put on another shirt. He sat down and put his arm around me. I rested my head on Niall's shoulder and started to caress Niall's chest with my finger. Maybe i am just a charity act i thought. No Niall loves me,right? "Niall?" i asked "hmm?" he responded "Do- you love me?" i asked lifting my head up "Of course i do babe. Why would you ask that." Niall responded quickly, really quickly. "No reason." i responded. Niall kissed me on the lips and said "Lie down babe. You should get some rest." I lay my head back down on Niall's chest and shut my eyes. I feel asleep to the soothing feeling of Niall's chest slowly rising and falling. I love this boy, but does he really like me?


Nialls P.O.V.

Isabelle and I walked back to our room for the night. Isabelle had been acting kind of strange ever since we decided to go to McDonalds. She looked kind of sad and out of sorts. Then when we went to McDonalds she didn't eat anything, she usually likes to eat as much as me; it kind of like a competition to out eat each other. Maybe she just wasn't hungry. And then she spent like 10 minutes in the bathroom. That was really weird. Strange. I pulled my pants off and put on my pj pants.  Then i pulled my shirt off and lay down with Isabelle. I put my arm around her and she lay her head on my shoulder. She started to caress my chest with the tip of her finger. I could tell Isabelle was thinking hard about something, then she sat up and asked "Niall?" "Hmm?" I responded "Do- do you love me?" "Of course i do babe. Why would you even ask that." I responded. responded "No reason." she said. I kissed her quickly on the lips and said, "Lie down babe. You should get some rest." She lay her head back down and instantly fell asleep. Strange.


Isabelle's P.O.V

I lay my head down and dozed off into a dream. 


*Isabelle's dream (still her P.O.V.)* 

"Come here you little bitch! I'm gonna get you!" my mum screamed at me. I ran as fast as i could back to the hotel only to be greeted by my dad. "And where do you think you are going you little ass?" he said. "I-i-i."  i stuttered, even in my dreams i can't speak to my parents. My dad shoved me down on the ground and started to kick me then my mom came over and yanked me up. "OW!" i screamed because my mum had basically pulled my arms out of their sockets. My mum slapped me in the face, "Are we hurting you?" she asked i  gulped and nodded holding back the tears. "Weak little bitch. You know the fans are right. You are a whore and just a charity case." i started to cry. "Are you actually crying?" my dad asked. I didn't say anything i just stood there like a...a deer in the headlights; thats what people say, a deer in the headlights. My dad then all of a sudden pulled a large knife out of no nowhere.  And the boys, Alyssa, El, Dani, Perrie, and Joseph came running out of the hotel. "ISABELLE!" Perrie screamed, she has never seen me being beat before so she was really freaked; not to say anyone else wasn't. "Get away from her!" Zayn screamed. "NOW!" yelled a furious Liam. "Zayn! Liam don't do it!" i sobbed at him. "Listen to her pretty boys." My dad said. I looked around for Niall but couldn't find him anywhere. "LEAVE HER ALONE!" Joseph screamed. "Yeah, what you gonna do about it?" my dad said swinging the knife around. Joseph took one step towards him and my dad cut Josephs arm. He fell to the ground and i screamed"JOSEPH!!!" I started to bawl. "OH shut up already!" my mom said taking the knife from my dad and cut my arm as well. I let out a loud scream and my mum cut me again "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE WHORE!" i grabbed my arm to try to stop the bleeding,but the cut was too deep. "Don't you dare talk to Isabelle like that!" Liam screamed walking over to them "LIAM! NO!" i screamed trying to protect him. My mum simply said "I will speak to my daughter however i wish to." and then sliced at Liams legs, he fell to the ground and dani ran over and collapsed onto his body crying. Still no sign of Niall, where was he we needed him. "MUM,DAD STOP IT!" i screamed, i finally had the guts to stand up to them. However it only made things worse. My dad now had the knife and he cut my cheek and my legs. Now i was lying on the cold hard ground (haha sorry i had to) crying and bleeding. "You guys really think you will get away with this?" Alyssa asked "Alyssa be careful." I warned her. "Yes we do now shut up before we get you too." That made Alyssa stop talking. So Harry finished what Perrie was going to say. "Well we just called the cops." he said. This made my parents furious and they slashed at my thigh and my waist. My parents started to walk towards Harry, Niall, Louis, El, Perrie, and Alyssa. I managed to grab on to my dads leg and pull him down. So all that was left was my mum. Louis raised his fist and my mom just knocked him over. HE may not have been cut but i'm pretty sure that he broke some ribs. El ran over to him and started to sob on his chest. So now all that was left was, me, my mum, Alyssa, Perrie, Harry, and Zayn. Everyone else had passed out or was crying. Harry whispered something in Alyssa's ear and Alyssa ran over to me and avoided my mum. She sat on my dad and slapped him hard across the face so he passed out. "Alyssa!" i said gasping for air. "Hey shh its gonna be okay. We are going to stop them we are fine." Alyssa said with a calm reassuring tone, even though i could tell she was really frightened.  "Its all my fault. Its all my fault." i sobbed. And as i said that HArry fell to the floor with a huge gash in his stomach. "HARRY!" we screamed in unison. "Its all my fault." i sobbed again. Alyssa assured me, once again we were going to be fine and it wasn't then went over to harry. Now it was just Zayn, Perrie, and my mum. My mom hit perrie so she passed out. And doing that made Zayn get furious. He swung at my mum and started to yell at her. He was a really good fighter but their was one mum had a knife. So every time ZAyn hit my mum she cut him. BUt i could tell Zayn wasn't going down without a fight. My mum stabbed zayn right where his heart would be i let out a huge scream. 'NOOOO! ZAYN!!!" I started to sob uncontrollably, i was gasping for air. Zayn managed to hit my mum one last time and knock her out. I crawled over to Zayn and started to sob. "Zayn, zayn." i said shaking him. "Oh its all my fault!" i said. Then Zayn said "Isabelle, you are an amazing person. Don't let the fans get to you and don't let anyone hurt you. I will watch over you and everyone in heaven." he was struggling to speak and was growing weaker and weaker by them second. "Zayn i'm so sorry!" i sobbed into his chest. "Look at me," he said "Look at me." i looked over at his face, oddly enough he didn't show any pain. "" he said before his eyes shut for good. "ZAYN!" i screamed. I kissed his forehead and said "I love you Zayn." i looked up and then i saw something terrible. Niall, just sitting on a park bench making out with some chick. I couldn't believe it! Niall was cheating on me! And he didn't even see any of this. He just ignored all of us and was snogging with this random girl! I was furious! I grabbed the knife that was lying near me and i cut my neck, wrists, and then just stabbed myself and collapsed onto Zayn's body. 

*end dream* 






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